Work affairs and micro-skill grading evaluation in software development

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After three or four years of work, do you feel like you're starting to do something without ascension? Are you doing something about low-level duplication?

By evaluating and grading the work affairs and micro-skills in software development, we can clearly understand the composition of our work, assess our current level, and locate the direction and thinking of the next development.

Difficulty Factor * * * 1

1. Complete the primary page test;

2. Write simple and non-professional documents;

3. Able to understand basic business;

4. Ordinary daily communication;

Difficulty Factor * * * 2

1. Complete a simple script to implement the temporary requirements, 15-20 min;

2. Complete a single measurement of a function or method, 5-15 min;

3. Download the required software and tools, 60min depends on the size and speed;

4. Build the software development environment, 20min (assuming the software is ready for download);

Difficulty Factor * * * 3

1. Complete a script utility with command line, 30-45 min;

2. Complete a small change of requirements, small bugfix, 20-40 min, including testing;

3. Deploy the Java application running server environment;

4. Writing scripts to realize the automation of software development environment;

5. Learn the business and comb it into documents;

6. Drawing system business flowchart, mind map, etc.;

7. To understand the ideas and ideas of the team members and to communicate with the team members more smoothly;

Difficulty Factor * * * 4

1. Weigh priorities and plan for a day of work, 15-20 minutes;

2. Summarize business, project and learning Experience, min;

3. Algorithms that implement a slightly more difficult data structure, such as tree-structured programming;

4. Write practical and professional business documents, project documents or technical sharing articles;

5. Have the ability to communicate with team members on technical engineering issues to discuss and express their opinions;

6. Be able to understand complex business and break it down into sub-business that can be planned and implemented;

7. Understand the project process and be able to appropriately adjust the individual activities and the overall progress of the project to keep pace;

8. Understand the key points of product design and development and can effectively realize;

9. Understand and complete the interaction of the front and back end components, collaboration between the front and back teams;

Difficulty Factor * * * 5 (P5)

1. Realize the programming of complex structure, complex structure may be list, map nested compound structure, or graph structure;

2. Implement the programming of complex algorithm, such as shortest path algorithm, maze backtracking algorithm;

3. The completion of concurrent asynchronous programming, such as AJAX programming, parallel implementation of the dictionary word count;

4. Able to achieve the design and implementation of a scalable micro-framework for specific needs;

5. Understand the overall architecture design of distributed system, and complete common business development;

6. Complete a summary design and detailed design of a requirement (including database design);

7. Draw the overall frame or architecture diagram of the subsystem or submodule;

8. Complete a technical engineering work that has not been done before, such as a large-volume online service diversion;

9. Study the source code realization of a module;

10. Quickly learn and apply a new technology, such as HBase;

11. Instruct junior engineers to complete daily technical work;

12. To understand, study and discuss an issue and make appropriate statements at the meeting;

13. Demonstrate the results of your work;

14. Write test framework and test cases to achieve repeatable automated testing;

15. Do a careful research on a business subject and complete the project establishment work;

16. Share the new ideas, new technologies and achievements that you have mastered in your study or work;

17. Plan individual quarterly general goals and implementation plans;

18. Implement individual quarterly general goals and implementation plans;

19. Participate in and complete the development of medium-sized projects;

Difficulty Factor * * * 6 (P6,Z4)

1. Independently complete the development of a medium-sized demand, involving the requirements of understanding, detailed design and implementation, testing and deployment of comprehensive skills;

2. Realize the complex business development under the distributed system, involving the transaction, concurrency control and so on;

3. Complete the development and cooperation of large-scale cross-team projects;

4. Independently responsible for the daily development and maintenance of a small and medium-sized system;

5. Be able to abstract and decouple the business and model of the system, and realize the extensibility design;

6. Draw the overall application of the whole frame diagram or architectural design diagram;

7. Understand the overall objectives and direction of the company, department and team;

8. Plan individual annual goals and implementation plans;

9. Implementation of the individual's annual overall objectives and implementation plan;

10. The overall picture and direction of the planning team;

11. The overall picture and direction of the implementation team;

12. Guide Junior High-level engineers to make excellent achievements and contributions;

13. Complete a good promotion interview;

14. Do technical selection for ordinary projects;

15. Demonstrate the team's work results;

16. Be able to advance the scheduled completion of a team's business;

Difficulty Factor * * * 7 (P7)

1. Realize the service migration of a sub-business;

2. Realize the reconfiguration of a subsystem;

3. Planning the overall objectives and implementation plan of the cross-business team;

4. Lead team members to achieve quarterly and annual planning goals;

5. For major projects to do technical selection, architecture design or technical advice;

6. Guide the senior Engineer to make excellent work achievements and contributions;

7. Play an outstanding skill and contribution in the field of specialized technology, such as promoting the improvement of Team code quality;

8. Comprehensive use of knowledge, skills, experience, intuition, etc. to complete technical problems, such as the design and development of trading engines;

9. Use of knowledge, skills, experience, intuition, etc. to creatively improve the efficiency of existing work, such as automated generation of testing;

Difficulty Factor * * * 8

1. Lead the Department team members to achieve departmental quarterly and annual planning goals;

2. Continue to lead the implementation of departmental development strategies and implementation plans;

3. For cross-team medium-sized projects to do architectural design or technical advice;

Difficulty Factor * * * 9

1. Achieve quarterly and annual planning objectives across sectors;

2. Continuously lead the implementation of cross-sectoral development strategies and implementation plans;

Difficulty Factor * * *

1. Achieve quarterly and annual planning goals for the entire organization;

2. Continue to lead the entire organization to achieve meaningful quarterly, annual goals, and to take corresponding responsibilities for the community;

Work affairs and micro-skill grading evaluation in software development

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