WPS How to add multilevel headings to the article?

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wps How to add multilevel headings to the article?

1, select an article, click on the view-Document Map, see the current title format, whether it meets the requirements, do not meet, see next

2, Start-text (right click), click Modify Style to change the font size to their own needs. Multiple-level headings are required, repeat step 2

3, click the font, font size, style format, and so on, the font size changed to their needs, while the need to set the black and center, you can also set the matrix and other formats.

4, the document structure to observe whether the modification is good, may appear all kinds of unknown circumstances, including unnecessary space and the title set incorrectly, is, then continue to the next step.

5, the document structure diagram with space, delete the space in the document. When you delete an error, you should enter a newline key from the top line at the top of the row, and then repeat this step.

6, sometimes the text may be set as a title, or omitted to select the title, set back. The text is selected, and the content is set to the body mode until satisfactory results are obtained.

7, finally, to re-examine the entire document, if there is no extra space, the title set are very correct, it is done, little friends, according to my method to try it ~

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