WPS Mobile version 5.5 support bidirectional reading and writing of Jinshan fast disk

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Recently, Jinshan announced WPS Mobile version 5.5 officially released. This version of the update will bring Jinshan fast disk and other bi-directional reading and writing functions, and further improve the mobile office and network disk combination.

In addition, WPS Mobile version 5.5 will also bring powerword a key search words, cloud document recording function, font settings, table Insert Picture, PPT document Save as Picture, PDF reading optimization 48 new, improve function points.

Jinshan Fast disk and other network disk bidirectional reading and writing

WPS Mobile version in the previous support to read the mainstream network disk document function based on the 5.5 version, the realization of the Jinshan fast disk and other network disk two-way read and write function, you can change the contents of the document to the network disk. New Save the document to the network disk function, further improve the mobile office and network disk combination.

At present, the WPS Mobile version 5.5 support to save the file to the Jinshan fast disk, Enterprise fast disk and Google Drive and many other network disk.

PowerWord One key search words

WPS Mobile version 5.5 and PowerWord function to get through, in the future, the Android users do not need a cumbersome window switch, in WPS only a point can be easily realized by the word translation function. Users need only mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to install WPS Mobile version and PowerWord, and to open the word PA settings in the "Copy take word" function. When you view a Word document, copy the words or phrases to see the translation results directly in the window.

At present, PowerWord Mobile version only support English translation, in the future with the development of products will support more languages. The addition of this feature will make it more convenient for users to view and edit documents of English content in the context of globalization.

Cloud Document record synchronization

Now, the network disk has become the standard of mobile devices, based on the network disk can achieve multiple devices access to the same data. But in office software, users are not satisfied with the simple implementation of document synchronization, users expect to be able to achieve a unified working environment on different devices. The WPS Mobile version of V5.5 pioneered the cloud document recording function, with Tencent QQ, Google, Twitter and other third-party accounts, you can automatically keep the document browsing record in the cloud, and from the cloud to sync to other devices, convenient for work or life needs often through multiple devices to view the same documents.

Table Support Insert Picture

In this version update, the WPS Mobile table function is further enhanced. In addition to the addition of full accounting, the operation of xlsx format document annotations and the opening of XML-formatted documents are better supported. Users care about the table to insert pictures and the corresponding image editing function is also introduced in this version, will be mobile office users often use forms to bring great convenience.

In addition, this version also has the following update: Text document font setting function, document acceptance revision and reject revision, and compatible display system font format; new PPT document Save as JPG, PNG, BMP format picture, playback time to view the contents of the notes; New Full-screen reading PDF screen illuminated steady and suitable for reading page settings; more versatile Welcome to download the latest version experience.

WPS Office is the introduction of the Kingsoft Office software, running on the Windows/android/ios/linux platform of the full function of Office software. Support to view, create and edit a variety of common Office documents, so that users can achieve Office applications on a variety of devices, to meet the needs of users anytime and anywhere office.

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