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When editing contracts, agreements, examination papers, and references to a class of documents, it is often necessary to set aside certain spaces in the text and underline them for future completion. However, when these spaces appear at the same time at the end of the previous line and at the beginning of the next line, no matter how you press the space at the end of the blank line, the next line does not begin. Sometimes it can cause text spacing to be pulled or compressed (Figure 1). Usually, we can only enter a space after the previous line of space and return to the beginning of the next line. However, when you set the font size to reflow, you can't automatically adjust the space position, it will become very messy. This provides a workaround for two types of WPS text.

  1. Allow Latin Line wrapping

For the blank space underlined by the blanks, there is a very simple way to solve the problem quickly in WPS text 2012. All we have to do is press CTRL + A to select the full text, right-click to select paragraph, in the paragraph window, on the line and Page Break tab, click to select "Allow the west to wrap words in the middle of the word" (Figure 2), and make sure that the settings are complete. It's so simple, why didn't I notice it before? After this setting, more than one space in the end of the line in the document automatically appears at the beginning of the next line. Using a space to enter the fill in the blank area is the most common way to do it? Ready-made old documents are mostly used in this way, so it is obviously easiest to set up a word for this type of old document directly.

2. Underline in Chinese

If you are editing a contract, a large number of English words in the test paper, then allow the middle of the word exchange can easily cause misreading. For this we only use the Chinese underline to make the blank area to achieve the same effect under the default setting. Switch to Chinese Input method, example: Sogou Wubi Input Method, right click on the input interface of the "Keyboard" icon select "Special symbol", in the pop-up soft keyboard can see n key is underlined. You can insert a Chinese underline (Figure 3) by clicking the mouse or pressing the n key of the keyboard directly. This insertion of the blank underline and the same as the Chinese characters do not have the problem of automatic line wrapping. However, although this is simple, but if you want to underline the document will be more trouble to fill out, more suitable for the production of English papers, empty contracts, such as mainly used to print out the document.

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