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"Wheat fields of the May" is a forum. http://www.nbfox.com/is its domain name.

It was a late night. I listened to Yong's "ghost", the eyes are shiny tireless display, the display is seen thousands of times the forum page. Yong said in the song: "... This is a gift. They danced with me while I was sleeping. "He's missing friend, and what am I reminiscing about now?" is the flash of fire, that burst of passion. And I miss so much because they are just as the candles of the wind are about to turn to ashes.

I am tired. Now I just want to record the "wheat fields of the May" from beginning to end.

This February, exactly is my sophomore winter holiday. At that time I was infatuated with the blog, almost used the mainstream of the blog service provider to provide the program, not a satisfactory to me, more or less have shortcomings. The least I can bear is the keyword filter with Chinese characteristics. So I want to structure a blog, I bought 400MB of virtual host and international domain name. Domain name is nbfox.com, meaning "The Fox of the cool". I am very interested in the network, after I have a good blog program, I hold a play with the mentality of hanging a forum. What I can't think of is that the installation forum is so simple. I am very excited, the forum address to friends Alucard see. Then we come to a consensus to do a cool and coaxing forum. We are usually on the cat's eye to see people. We are young and frivolous, we have to do the cat's eye second; we like to dream and laugh.

We think about what the forum name is good, and thought for a long time. Alucard said to take "May wheat field" bar, then my blog is called "May wheat field." I think it's good. May, Spring Dawn Alternately, Ying Fei grass long, vibrant. And the wheat field has always been one of my favorite images. The novel "Catcher in the Rye", the fairy tale "Little Prince" the Fox in the wheat field, the high and the wheat fields intimate relations, Haizi's poems and wheat fields ... Forum opened a few months, Alucard inspiration suddenly hit, said the forum name should take "erection". I laughed and it was a good name. In this era of rampant, kitsch, we want the forum to have a little more testosterone. Vent, we need to vent, criticize, we only criticize. Then I saw a sentence:

"I was originally an idealist. But the reality gradually let me understand that idealism is the easiest to slip into decadence. Ideals seem to be always on the other side, and the second shore is full of hypocrisy, injustice, deception, tyranny, pain and so on. Decadent nature is not a good thing. But decadent in the end is still ideal withered after the skin of the vessel. But now many people are not decadent, but chose to numb, and even the ideal bubble has never had a direct direction to numbness. I do not want to decadent, also do not want to numb, only criticism. ”

I think this sentence is very good to explain the original intention to do the forum. Naturally, "I can't be as good as a farmer, but the wheat is growing angry with the Sun" is the forum's subtitle. This sentence is Zhang Zhu in "Lengnuanzizhi". Usually listen to some rock, like Magic Rock three Jie, although the Chinese rock has been on the brink of extinction has not grown up has died. We didn't catch up with that time. Yong said: The worst of times, the best music. And what we catch is the worst of times, the worst music.

We are more interested in literature and music, so the forum is mainly written and music. The text plate and criticize the main, shelling all sentimental, kitsch, hypocrisy. Morris Dickstein said: "Time for the ingenuity of the small pattern is the most ruthless." In my opinion, this is the same for some so-called "big men". I remember the first shelled object was Guo ...

Then I debug the program, Management Section, update posts, publicity ... This is the beginning of the day when I sleep after 2 o'clock in the morning. Almost all of this was done by me alone. Stuck in front of the computer all the days, with an unusually excited glow in his eyes. Like the computer and the network is already part of my body, the human machine unity.

Forum just started that time, is the most difficult. Not a few members, registered are the people who know. Just so few people, and then register a few vests, entertain themselves. Thankfully, the friends who have been quietly supporting me and the cornfield are still there, and they are always there. I go to the major forums to post propaganda, are generally music resources posts, the download address to our forum. All the way, not in the post is in the paste, repeat and repeat. I am happy for the number of IP per day Breakthrough 100, the number of members more than 1000 and excited, this simple and direct happiness, let me go down the heart more determined. Many people will say that the internet is illusory and so on. I don't think so, because the Internet is part of real life. In the network, the exposure of human nature is more thorough. One after another war, a smock of celebrities, a group of groups of exports into a dirty mind simple dung, all revealed their true nature.

I almost put all the spare time to the forum, the number of escape how many lessons, last semester four courses failed, the junior class four has not been. I know the fault is not in the forum, but in myself, there is no reasonable time to arrange. I can't tell if I'm on the internet, or I'm on the net. Feeling that I had become a slave to the computer, I was hanged up and could not leave forever. I feel tired, so tired that I get tired of it. I remember once, I went out to play, and finally went out to play. At the moment I walked out of the door, the burden on my shoulders unloaded, my mind widened, and I suddenly wanted to fly. I know I have to go back after the finish, and now I just want to escape.

It's easy to get bored when you like things too much. This is a helpless thing. But I can't say goodbye to it because we care so much about it. Now the forum can not be as hard as the initial maintenance, but it still hangs in my heart let me a moment to forget. My passion has gone and my interest has been reduced, and the things that have made me desperate to go have been quietly replaced by responsibility. Yes, responsibility. The reason is enough to keep me going. Persistence, has become a habit.

Sometimes I wonder how much this forum has made me lose. If not it, now I will be how. There is no doubt that it has changed my life. And the biggest gain is that, day and night, it teaches me patience, perseverance and responsibility.

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