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April 25 News, Microsoft officially announced on May 21, the next generation of Xbox game Host Conference. Although there are still one months to see its ticket, but based on the previous channels of coverage, we have been able to roughly describe the outline of the mainframe. Below we will summarize this by Netizen called "The Xbox 720" The game machine the general situation.

Next generation Xbox Conference held May 21

Hardware: Changed to X86 platform processor, AMD production

It has been reported that, like PS4, the Xbox 720 (temporarily) abandoned the IBM-designed PowerPC architecture processor and switched to an AMD-designed APU Chip. This chip is characterized by the central processing unit CPU and graphics processor GPU are integrated into a core, between the two can be shared memory, asynchronous computation.

Specifically, the Xbox 720 will be equipped with 8 core CPUs and 8GB shared memory (possibly GDDR5 memory), built-in hard drives and 6 times-speed Blu-ray drives, and second-generation Kinect accessories.

Software: Incompatible Xbox 360 game with Xbox Mini instead

The first generation of Xbox uses the X86 processor, and the Xbox 360 is compatible with its game by built-in simulators. But Microsoft is not planning to use the Xbox 720 compatible Xbox 360 game in a mock way. However, it is said that Microsoft will launch a 99-dollar Xbox Mini, which is a simplified version of the Xbox 360, but does not have a built-in optical drive and needs to connect to Xbox 720 and read the Xbox 360 's game CD with an Xbox 720 CD-ROM.

Function: Can interact with smartphone to run Windows 8 software

This feature appears to be the trend of the future, Sony has shown a similar function of PS4, can use the mobile phone or tablet computer applications on the PS4 social network, watch video games or chat with friends about the war. But earlier last year, Microsoft launched the SmartGlass software, allowing users to control the Xbox 360 with the touch screen of iOS, Android or Windows smartphone and Tablet PCs.

So there is an analysis that the Xbox 720 will continue this way and can be used to control Xbox 720 on smartphones and tablets via SmartGlass.

Another good news is that foreign media neowin has revealed that the Xbox 720 will run a modified Windows 8 system, so a built-in app store can download and run some Windows 8 software applications.

Network: Must stay connected to play games

That has been tacitly accepted by Microsoft insiders on Twitter, so there are plenty of players who say they are unhappy. Although this can effectively prevent piracy, but if the user's home network environment is not good how to do, if the game on the way network broken how to do? Since to network to play games, why do I have to use Xbox 720 to play, the computer does not have so many online games? Of course, there are a lot of details need to wait until the May 21 release meeting to understand.

There is also news that all future Xbox 720 games can be downloaded from live stores, while the current Xbox 360 can only download xbla games and part of the regular games in live stores.


Previous media reports said the Xbox 720 would sell at $500 trillion.

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