Xcode 4.5.1 Certificate-free development and cracking

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The development environment uses Mac OSX mountain lion 10.8 + xcode 4.5.1. iOS devices need to jailbreak and install appsync from cydia. The detailed steps for installing and cracking xcode4.5.1 are as follows:

Step 1: create a false certificate


Open the finder, find applications on the Left bar, and find the utilities tool folder, as shown in 1. Open the utilities tool folder, find the keychain access (key string access), open it, or directly enter the keychain access in the Finder to search. Then, in the menu bar, choose keychain access> certificate assistant> Create ACertificate... As shown in setting 2, you must change the name to iPhone developer, set the certificate type to code signing, and select let me override defaults. You do not need to make any settings in subsequent steps, all are by default or empty.

1) only one iPhone developer can be created. If there are more than one developer, delete all the developers before creating them;

2) The validity period cannot exceed 365 days.

Step 2: Install xcode4.5.1

Download and install xcode4.5.1. It should be noted that after xcode4.4.1, xcode becomes an independent running program (stand-alone), and its installation is changed to copy. Copy xcode in dmg to the applications directory and run it. A simple configuration process is displayed.

Step 3: Modify the xcode configuration file

You need to modify the configuration file to have two sdksettings. plist and info. plist: Before xcode4.5, these two files are in XML format, which is then converted to binary format. You need to use xcode to edit these two files.

(1) Modify sdksettings. plist
1) enter the directory where the file is located from the Finder
/Applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos. Platform/developer/sdks/iphoneos6.0.sdk
2) Find the sdksettings. plist file and right-click duplicate to generate the sdksettings copy. plist file in the same directory.
3) double-click to open the sdksettings copy. plist file. By default, xcode is used to locate the defaultproperties branch and change the following attributes code_signing_required and entitlements_required to No.
4) if you need to back up the original file, rename it sdksettings. plist. Bak. Rename sdksettings copy. plist to sdksettings. plist.

(2) Modify info. plist
1) enter the directory where the file is located from the Finder
/Applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos. Platform
Or back to the directory from (1.
2) Find the info. plist file and right-click duplicate to generate the info copy. plist file in the same directory.
3) double-click info copy. plist file. By default, xcode is used to change all xciphoneoscodesigncontext to xccodesigncontext, removing the iPhone OS. xcode4.5.1 is located under the defaultproperties branch, runtimerequirements-> classes, and overrideproperties branch.
3) if you need to back up the original file, change it to info. plist. Bak. Rename info copy. plist to info. plist.

Step 3: Prepare the custom generated script. In this step, you need to connect to the Internet and enable teminal.
Mkdir/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/iphoneentitlements
CD/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/iphoneentitlements
MV gen_entitlements.txt gen_entitlements.py
Chmod 777 gen_entitlements.py

Step 4: Modify Project Settings

Note: you only need to modify the configuration file and prepare the script once before this phase. However, this phase of operation is required for every project that requires real machine debugging.

The main function of this step is to support debugging on the real machine. If this step is not performed, you can still generate the IPA to run on the real machine through Step 5, however, you cannot use the xcode built-in debugger to track programs running on a real machine in one step. If your program is switched back in seconds when you click run real machine debugging, check whether this step is completed correctly.

(1) Disable xcode's Automatic Signature operation and set all the code signing options in the project configuration to don't code sign ,.


(2) Add a custom generated script, add a phase in build phases, add build phase in the lower right corner, click Add run script, and enter the following script:

Export codesign_allocate =/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iPhone OS. Platform/developer/usr/bin/codesign_allocate
If ["$ {platform_name}" = "iphoneos"] | ["$ {platform_name}" = "ipados"]; then
/Applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/iphoneentitlements/gen_entitlements.py "My. company. $ {project_name} "" $ {built_products_dir}/$ {wrapper_name}/$ {project_name }. xcent ";
Codesign-F-s "iPhone developer" -- entitlements "$ {built_products_dir}/$ {wrapper_name}/$ {project_name }. xcent "" $ {built_products_dir}/$ {wrapper_name }/"


Step 5: generate the IPA File

Under normal circumstances, the IPA file is output from xcode's organizer, but we do not have a certificate, so the output will produce an error. You can only look for another path, first generate the Code as the release target, and then open the project's Output Folder. Generally, this directory is:

/Users/your username/library/developer/xcode/deriveddata/folder prefixed by project name/build/products/release-iphoneos

This directory contains a. app file, which is the generated program. Put this. drag the app to iTunes and it will appear in the App list. Then drag it out of the iTunes list (for example, drag it to the desktop). Haha, it will become. IPA!

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