XNa 3.0 preliminary -- deploy your xNa 3.0 game to Zune

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After creating and testing a 2D game on a PC, you want to upload it to Zune and run it.


A major new feature of xNa 3.0 is to support 2D games on Zune. Obviously, Zune cannot run xNa 3D because the graphics card on Zune cannot be compared with that on your PC.Program. However, the complete spritebatch is available on Zune, allowing you to create 2D games for mobile devices.

Working Principle

On the xbox360 console, you do not needCodeMake any adjustments to run it on Zune, just connect Zune to the PC, set it to activate the target and deploy your game.

Connect Zune to PC

Connect Zune to the PC using a USB cable and turn on the power. Click the Start menu and select program → Microsoft xNa game studio 3.0 → xNa game studio Device Center to open the xNa game studio Device Center, click the add device button, and select Zune.

If you have not performed this operation, you may be asked to download the updated Zune software version based on the following link. If you have installed the software, make sure that the Zune firmware has been updated. This can be done by connecting to Zune and opening Zune software on the PC. If the PC has been connected to interne and the new firmware version is found, Zune displays the device update screen, allowing you to click the Install button (do not turn off the power when the firmware is upgraded) upgrade Zune's firmware.

After Zune software is installed, Zune firmware is upgraded, and Zune is connected, Zune listens to your screen after you click the Zune button of xNa game studio Device Center. Select your Zune and click Next. After the connection is verified, your Zune will listen to the main screen of the xNa game studio Device Center.

Set Zune as the target platform in xNa game studio 3.0

After Zune is connected, go to xNa game studio 3.0 to deploy the 2D game to Zune. On the xbox360 console, When you deploy Zune for the first time, you need to set it as the deployment target. This can be done by clicking solution platforms in the upper-right corner of the screen and selecting configuation manager, as shown in figure 1-4.

In the following dialog box, select from the configuration list in the upper-left corner of the screen, select your Zune from the list at the top of the screen, and click OK, you can see that your Zune has been set as the target platform in the central window on the top.

Deploy your xNa 3.0 game to Zune

Finally, you need to copy the xNa PC project to the xNa Zune project. It is very simple. In Solution Explorer, right-click your project and choose create copy of project for Zune. This option is displayed in the list in Figure 1-3. XNa adds this project to Solution Explorer. xNa synchronizes the two projects as long as one of the two changes.

To upload the game to Zune, make sure Zune is the target platform for activation, and Zune software is not running on the PC at this time, and then press F5 to initialize the deployment.

Once the Zune screen shows that the deployment is complete, restart your Zune and select games in the Zune main menu to start your game!

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