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The most appealing thing about Android phones is its open source and the pleasure of other third-party apps. Experimenting with windows on Android phones is an exploration project for some mobile enthusiasts, whether remotely controlled or virtual, and there is a new way to do it. Today's small series to introduce a copy of the Desktop XP desktop software XP Mod Launcher.

XP Mod Launcher is a desktop application with a high profile Microsoft computer XP that allows your Android phone to revert to a classic XP system with a built-in program start menu and a resource manager.

First, the start interface high imitation of Microsoft XP system

Now we go to experience the mobile version of the "XP system" in the end can bring us what kind of surprise. Click to open the software, after the start can see the familiar interface, the most surprising is even the sound of the start with the computer side of the XP system to touch the same, it seems that the imitation of the degree of XP is quite high.

Figure 1 XP Mod Launcher Boot Interface

Second, the interface layout fresh and simple

After entering the interface, there are only four icons in the screen, the Personal folders, my computer, the Recycle Bin and the browser four icons, the layout is quite simple and clear.

Figure 2 Interface layout

Personal Folders, My computer, and the Recycle Bin are actually the same resource manager, where you can manage the resources within your phone and memory card. We can see that when a folder or file is selected, cut (clip), copy (copy), delete (delete) are highlighted in the taskbar on the left, indicating that it can be simply manipulated, which exactly meets the basic requirements of a resource manager.

Figure 3 XP Mod Launcher has the capabilities of a resource manager

and start the browser this icon, as shown in Figure 4: Will default to open the phone has been installed browser for users to choose their own.

Figure 4 Starting the browser

Third, the beginning of the menu gorgeous, lack of detail

Of course, when it comes to XP, the Start menu must be mentioned. XP Mod Launcher's Start menu includes mobile phone and third party mobile apps, which can be clicked on in all Programs applications. At first glance it really thought to be the computer end of the XP system Start menu.

Figure 5 Start Menu

In the Start menu, there are a number of icons including my Documents, My pictures, and so on, which are a portal to the resource manager, and differ only by the folders that point to them. The software function design is still to be optimized in a certain extent.

Small knitting is very curious click on the Start menu turn off Computer (shutdown) will really directly turn off the phone? The answer, of course, is no, when you click on the shutdown icon, with a familiar XP system shutdown sound, the phone will revert to its own interface initiator.

Figure 6 XP Mod Launcher Close Interface


XP Mod launcher as a high imitation of Microsoft computer XP desktop applications, simulation level is relatively high. However, there are still many imperfections in the actual operation, such as the inability to add application shortcuts on the desktop, some of the icons are not directly functional, the screen button settings are too small to facilitate user clicks and so on. So this kind of software we play on the line, the actual control will be inconvenient. However, the simulation of the software itself is still very real, used to show off a friend completely no problem. There may be users who say that even the WIN8 system is now becoming popular today, even if the ability to clone XP system has been lagging behind? With a small part of the sentence to answer: Since the XP interface, the Win7 interface will be far?

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