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Win8 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system that is currently available. The pinnacle of the classic pedigree of Windows, the perfect combination of PC and tablet, allows us to see the Win8 too many shining points. And the past operating system, WIN8 in the Windows XP, Win7 and other new and old products in the same stage of the environment.

Is there still a lot of people who are still using XP? Many people may respond with a definite answer. So the author here, I am afraid to say some of the XP users are closely related to the status quo. ① service stops, system patches are problematic; ② new software programs are constantly introduced, old XP compatibility concerns, ③ system vulnerabilities can not be repaired on time, security is at stake.

As if each of the above is happening at any time around the one thing. Here, I just want to cite the compatibility, and everyone to do a very interesting test--win8/win XP software compatibility testing.

Office Category: Office 2013,wps2013, Photoshop CS7, Dreamweaver;

Security class: Tencent computer steward, Jinshan Poison Bully, Kaspersky 2013;

Browser: IE11 browser, Chrome browser, proud tour browser;

Tool class: One key Ghost, Storm AV, Windows Firewall controlv, King code Wubi Input method;

Game class: FIFA 13, Call of Duty 9, GTA 5, Battlefield 3, 4 (Beta), justifiable Defense 2, Sniper Elite 2.

Office software win8/xp Compatibility test
Software name Compatibility Performance
Windows 8 Windows XP
Office 2013 Compatible Not compatible
WPS2013 Compatible Compatible
Photoshop CS7 Compatible Not compatible
Dreamweaver Compatible Compatible

According to the latest news, Adobe product manager Tom Hogarty confirmed that Photoshop CS6 will be the last version of Windows XP-enabled, and that the new version will be available for Windows 7 systems and later, and is no longer compatible with Windows XP.

Office 2013 is no longer compatible with older systems Windows XP

Microsoft has abandoned Office 2013 support for Windows XP. This strategy may be to consider encouraging users to upgrade to a new version of Windows 8, while Windows XP is really too old for users, and it is likely that it will stop service in April 2014. If you want to try Office 2013 XP users, it is a good choice to upgrade your system to WIN8 as soon as possible.

Computer security software on the system itself requires a high level of access, in the process of close integration with the operating system, there is a problem with the system compatibility. On this issue, the better the compatibility, the security software itself to play a more comprehensive, more accurate protection of computer system security.

Security class software WIN8/XP compatibility test
Software name Compatibility Performance
Windows 8 Windows XP
Tencent Computer Butler Compatible Compatible
Golden Hill Poison Bully Compatible Compatible
Kaspersky 2013 Compatible Compatible

Security software is divided into antivirus software, system tools and anti-rogue software. Security software is a kind of virus, Trojan horse and so on all known to harm the computer program code to clear the program tool. Security software is also to assist you to manage the security of the software program, security software is good or bad to determine the quality of anti-virus, through VB100 and Microsoft Windows verified antivirus software is the best choice in the field of security software.

Tencent Computer Butler

In this round of testing, the main reference is the comprehensive virus anti-killing security software, Guardian software and Trojan kill tools. Testing can be seen in the comprehensive large anti-virus software, Windows XP and Windows 8 compatibility will be good, can be perfectly compatible with both the new and old two-generation system to be tested, but in the smaller, or more specialized tools, the compatibility of the differences on the display, such as Jinshan Trojan kill tools, is compatible with the 64-bit Windows 8 operating system.

Jinshan Poison PA (New poison PA) win8/xp perfectly run

As seen above, these three users choose the security software, are the most common users to use the product. While we've tested this, we've seen that all three products are compatible with Windows 8 and Windows XP. But we also have to clearly see that the security situation on the network is complex and changeable, like the operating system and security software, maintaining a real-time patch update is very important.

However, after April 8, 2014, Windows XP users will no longer receive new security updates, security patches, free or paid ancillary support options provided by Microsoft, or online updates from Microsoft's technical support. Even if third parties may provide ongoing support, it is important to realize that these support will not resolve the Windows kernel patches and security patches. Therefore, to ensure the security of the computer system, upgrading Windows 8 is a good choice.

The browser may be one of the most used tools on your computer's Internet. With the continuous upgrading of hardware and software capabilities, such as computer hardware (CPU, memory, hard disk and graphics card core, etc.) constantly upgrade and perfect, the rapid development of software, the continuous addition of new features, and in the browser, the performance of the page rendering, high-performance images, video, dynamic static effect comparison. So what about the compatibility of browsers for a relatively old operating system, Windows XP? We continue to explore.

browser software win8/xp compatibility test
Software name Compatibility Performance
Windows 8 Windows XP
IE11 Browser Compatible Not compatible
Chrome Browser 30 Compatible Imperfect compatibility (XP runs with stutter)
The browser of the Proud tour Compatible Compatible

First of all, the mainstream browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox and domestic proud tour, Sogou and other browsers for XP and Win8.1 are fully supported, can meet the user's internet browsing needs, there is no compatibility problem. But some people may say that Microsoft does not support XP after IE9, ah, indeed, Microsoft after the IE9 to change the IE browser, not only in the performance of a significant increase in the previous, and support more HTML5 standards and hardware acceleration, the interface is completely different, The more concise interface allows users to focus on the site itself, keeping up with the pace of other browsers, and the new release of IE11 also brings a complete new technology such as synchronization and WebGL. However, these changes have a difficult decision to abandon the new version of the browser for XP system support.

If we study these changes carefully, it is not difficult to find that all the increase is related to the operating system, XP system after history has changed no longer adapt to the needs of the modern network, modern UI, HTML5, hardware acceleration These are not simple upgrade browser can be, It requires a deep fit of the operating system, and IE10, 11 only supports Win7 later, and Microsoft is the best proof of this trend!

IE11 was good at Win8.

The IE8 on XP is equally versatile and well-experienced

Contrary to the IE8, Microsoft is not to abandon it, in contrast IE8 not only in the compatibility is very perfect, and in the user security also has private browsing, SmartScreen filters and other functions very good, completely can meet the daily use, However, it is recommended that users who use XP upgrade to Windows 8.1 for more support, and that IE11 has faster, safer, and richer features to enhance the user's browsing experience.

Google Chrome is normally compatible with XP and WIN8

Proud tour Browser normal compatibility with the new and old two systems

In this era of rapid development of science and technology, each browser in the context of new technology, new environment, has tended to the perfect support for WIN8, in order to seek better prospects for growth. In this kind of driving force, in the future time, it is difficult to say that the vast number of browser new products will be back to consider the XP after the operating system.

In addition, we also found in the test WinXP, although compatible with Chrome browser, but the use of the effect is not ideal, browsing run is not smooth, or even lag phenomenon. The application of HTML5 not be able to play a very good effect, part of the function is forced to "castration", WinXP in the use of Chrome browser performance is not only satisfactory, so our evaluation is not perfect compatible.

In the Windows operating system, the tool class software is a very large class of software. Therefore, testing the compatibility of the operating system, tool-like software is essential.

Windows Firewall Control is a lightweight application that extends the features of the system's own Windows Firewall and provides shortcuts for accessing the Advanced settings features of Windows Firewall. is a very useful gadget developed by Binisoft, for Win7, WIN8 users to provide the simplest and most intuitive way to use the firewall settings, support high filtering, filtering, low filtering, no filtering four configuration files. Allows you to easily set filtering rules with one click. It is primarily used to extend native-built firewalls within Windows.

Windows Firewall control users have easy access to the most frequently used Windows Firewall options without having to go through the control Panel to find the firewall option.

Tool class software WIN8/XP compatibility test
Software name Compatibility Performance
Windows 8 Windows XP
One click Ghost Compatible Compatible
Storm video Compatible Compatible

Windows Firewall

Compatible Not compatible

Windows Firewall Controlv cannot be installed on Windows XP

In the Storm audio 2012 online high-definition version of the announcement, its SHD patented technology to secure users in 1M bandwidth smooth viewing 720P high-definition movies, the current number of domestic users using ADSL broadband Internet access to the vast majority, but according to third-party statistics, can enjoy 2M, 4M or even fiber-optic high-speed Internet users accounted for the number of netizens in the country is far from much, contrary to the expensive broadband cost to make 512k-1m bandwidth Internet user become the main crowd of Chinese netizens.

Therefore, in the limited broadband resources can be online smooth playback of high-definition tablets is what many users expect. With deep video technology accumulated storm video in the 2012 new edition will be required for high-definition video playback of the broadband requirements to a low point, to technology to improve the user experience, but also for the vast number of domestic users of the benefits.

However, this demand for the performance of the player is more and more high, always need to get the operating system to provide a higher, better platform support, so, the temporary compatibility of XP there is no suspense, but it is difficult to predict the future playback of technology to a certain degree of technology, Higher and more advanced technology will not be nostalgia for the Windows XP platform, it is more difficult to predict.

In the past years, Windows XP systems have been used as a game of paradise, at that time, almost all games are one-sided to XP. But such an environment after sticking to these years, do not know from when to start, due to Win7, WIN8 upgrade and so on, the status of Windows XP began to shake, the game runtime compatibility issues, in fact, is the XP launch game platform one of the most powerful evidence.

Game class software WIN8/XP compatibility test
Software name Compatibility performance
Windows 8 Windows XP
FIFA 13 Compatible Not compatible
GTA 5 Compatible Not compatible
Justifiable Defense 2 Compatible Not compatible
Sniper Elite V2 Compatible Not compatible
Call of Duty 9 Compatible Not compatible

GTA5 only support DX11, because XP is only DX9, so it can not play under XP, in fact, many games are now no longer support XP. As tested in the table above, call of Duty 9, Sniper Elite V2, justifiable Defense 2, decisive battle and so on, in the game required display technology, display driver, driver update progress, is no longer suitable for the relatively low-end Windows XP platform.

Call of Duty 9 is no longer compatible with Windows XP

Sniper Elite V2 does not support Windows XP

Test Summary: The above mentioned by the author of the Office, security, browser, tools, games and other five categories of 20 software to test, from the results of testing: Windows 8 compatible software 18/18, that is, the compatibility rate of 100%, and windows XP has a compatibility rate of 8/18 for the above software, which is below 44.4%.

In the previous article, we have done an analysis, the current operating system development and the relationship between hardware and software growth, is the process of mutual promotion. In other words, the upgrading of the operating system, for software functions, display effects, user experience and other aspects of the promotion of continuous injection of vitality, relative to the old operating system, will gradually introduce the stage of history. The Windows 8 and XP systems also follow this change, and the 20 software that we've tested in a massive Windows app is just a tiny microcosm of it. For the vast number of users to better experience the new software products on the Windows platform, upgrading the operating system to Windows 8 is still very necessary.

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