Yan Value taxi app is what, Yan value taxi How to take a taxi

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Yan Value taxi app is what

Yan value of a taxi app, a main brush face of the taxi dating artifact color value taxi app is a main brush face of the taxi dating artifact. Different from "drip, excellent step (Uber) and Shenzhou" and other products to provide travel services, Yan value Taxi is in compliance with the "shared economy" and "face Era" wave, for the vast number of "not at work, is on the commute road", no time to make friends, expand the social circle of users, and provide a high-quality and efficient carpool information exchange and service platform.

It's on the way to the commute.

Yan value taxi How to improve the success rate of taxi?

1, the true and credible portrait of the United States, high-definition the best! The more the better, so that people can find you, because this is a look at the face of the times!
2, rich interesting personal data, the more the better! So that others can get to know you faster, attracted by you!

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