ZOJ 3876 May Day Holiday Caille formula

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H-may Day Holiday


As a university advocating self-learning and Work-rest balance, Marjar University have so many days of rest, including Holi Days and weekends. Each weekend, which consists of Saturday and Sunday, was a rest time in the Marjar University.

The May Day, also known as International Workers "Day" or international Labour Day, falls on May 1st. In Marjar University, the could day holiday are a five-day vacation from could 1st to May 5th. Due to Saturday or Sunday is adjacent to the could day holiday, the continuous vacation could be as long as nine days in R Eality. For example, the could day in was Friday so the continuous vacation was only 5 days (could 1st to May 5th). And the Sunday so the continuous vacation are 6 days (April 30th to May 5th). In the, the Monday and vacation are 9 days (April 29th to May 7th). How excited!

Edward, the headmaster of Marjar University, is very curious how long is the continuous vacation containing could day in dif Ferent years. Can you help him?


There is multiple test cases. The first line of input contains an integer indicating the number of the T test cases. For each test case, there is a integer y (1928 <= y <= 9999) in one line, indicating the year of Edward ' s q Uery.


For each case, print the number of the days of the continuous vacation in the.

Sample Input

Test instructions: Give you year, May January-May 5 for a fixed day of rest, but April 30,29 may be six days, this time holiday plus 2, May 6,7 the same. Ask you what this year's long vacation could be
Solving the puzzle: using Caille formula to judge the day of the week is good.
#include <map>#include<Set>#include<cmath>#include<queue>#include<cstdio>#include<vector>#include<string>#include<cstring>#include<iostream>#include<algorithm>#pragmaComment (linker, "/stack:102400000,102400000")using namespacestd;Const intn=1010;Const intmax=151;Const intMod=1000000007;Const intinf=1000000000;Const Doubleeps=0.00000001; typedefLong Longll;intRead () {intx=0, f=1;CharCh=GetChar ();  while(ch<'0'|| Ch>'9'){if(ch=='-') f=-1; ch=GetChar ();}  while(ch>='0'&&ch<='9') {x=x*Ten+ch-'0'; ch=GetChar ();} returnx*F;}intMain () {intD,c,w,y,m,n,t,ans; scanf ("%d", &T);  while(t--) {scanf ("%d", &N); Ans=5; Y=n% -; c=n/ -; M=4;d = -; W= ((y+y/4+c/4-2*c+ -* (m+1)/Ten+d-1)%7+7)%7; if(w==0) ans+=2; Else if(w==6) ans++; M=5;d =6; W= ((y+y/4+c/4-2*c+ -* (m+1)/Ten+d-1)%7+7)%7; if(w==6) ans+=2; Else if(w==0) ans++; printf ("%d\n", ans); }    return 0;}

ZOJ 3876 May Day Holiday Caille formula

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