85 after the newly married couple write creative bask in Happiness Emperor bottle air conditioner witness the housewarming

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"Recall the wedding period, Emperor Bottle with us to move into the new house, let me and wife married life more fresh enjoy less trouble," from Tianjin, Mr. Rong on Weibo share his and Emperor bottle air-conditioning story. "In the Haier and the user interaction platform, each participant creativity behind is the different life story." "The director of the event told the reporter, Emperor bottle air-conditioning a word to buy some creative big collection activities (http://www.haier.com/cn/yxhd/2013/aircon0422/index.shtml) to provide users with the platform to play a creative, but also to provide customers with the opportunity to share the experience of the Emperor bottle. Since the Emperor bottle air conditioning a word to buy some creative big collection activities began, Emperor bottle air conditioning shape will attract a lot of participants hot discussion. And from the same users like Mr. Rong use the story, let the Emperor bottle air conditioning appearance attracted participants have more intuitive use of feelings. New members clean Air Emperor bottle to bring clean life "Newly renovated house has just finished with formaldehyde problem, but also to buy air-conditioning, washing machines and other household appliances, really headache." Mr. Rong told reporters that he through a variety of consultation and investigation, carefully study the performance of air-conditioning, parameters, especially to the emperor bottle air-conditioning application of formaldehyde removal technology, can easily remove formaldehyde without any pollution, "my wife and I will be sure Emperor bottle air-conditioning with us to move a new home." Haier Emperor Bottle Air conditioning innovative design is also impress Mr. Rong this to 85 after the small couple of important reasons. It is understood that Mr. Rong's wife engaged in design work, the visual requirements of harsh, "air-conditioning color with the living room white mixed with wine red tone is very good, with the decorative painting next to each other with a sense of visual art, and then supplemented by the goblet design to make her very satisfied." Even more proud of Mr. Rong is that the new family member is one of the ten most creative products in the world, and the only products selected for household appliances. According to the World Center for Creative Economy Research, the selected products in addition to their own creative, but also for the development of the industry has brought a new look, and even subvert the development trajectory of the industry. and Haier Emperor bottle air conditioning is leading the industry's circular revolution. Emperor Bottle "Murmur whispers" quality life easy to enjoy reporter interview Rong learned that, as the material conditions more superior 85, after marriage is also very fastidious about the quality of life. Rong believes that the quality of life to bring home goods is a cost-effective commodity, money spent on it is worth. "Listen to their own breathing, to the static quality of enjoyment," the purchase point of creative inspiration from the Emperor bottle air-conditioning for their quality of life experience. "Emperor bottle air-conditioning is very quiet, open when only feel the blow of the wind, without any noise, completely overturned my impression of air-conditioning." It gives me the feeling of being like a warm friend whispering softly, very comfortable and very intimate. Mr Rong said. It is reported that the emperor bottle air-conditioning using large-diameter tubular fan, from the acoustic principle, and finally create the use of sound as if the ear light language of the ultimate mute 24 decibels. Haier integration of the world's five research and development centers, from the user needs to develop the industry leading products Emperor bottle air-conditioning, to bring consumers a new feeling of air-conditioning use,Let consumers love the God Jar, love Shanghai Seoul. It is understood that in the Haier Emperor bottle air conditioning a word to buy creative activities platform, has emerged many like Mr Rong's consumers are the Emperor bottle air-conditioning "active" transmission, testimony of its subversion of the traditional experience of air conditioning, to more consumers to pass the comfort of life style.
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