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Baidu Webmaster Platform released the "Easy to be overlooked by Webmaster content: Active access to user data," for active access to users, that is, we have always mentioned loyal users. For most brand stations, have formed their own reputation, have their own core user groups. So for ordinary webmaster friends, whether to pay attention to their loyal users (active access to users)?

If you pay attention to Baidu search engine Optimization guide friends should have seen the guide to emphasize the brand concept: the lowest level, let the user know what he gets from your website, step, let the user next time to find this information, can think of your website, finally, can let the user in looking for similar content, can first think of your website. Guardian Kun found today webmaster platform released the message also pointed out that the user will think of our website, will be willing to come to our website, something nothing to our website to hang out. From beginning to end all tell us to build their own brand, to form their own reputation, so as to form a core user groups, with their own loyal users.

Has the active access user entered the Webmaster's field of vision? Baidu search engine to tell us the site's active access to the site's voting mechanism is very important, like the introduction of the previous period of Baidu Word-of-mouth, so that users to the site into the evaluation, more and more attention to user experience and feelings. Some people say that we do not use Baidu's products, Baidu statistics, do not use Baidu Network Alliance, Baidu How to monitor our data? Search engines can locate the active users of the site through a variety of channels and means. Very simple truth, you do not use the statistics of Baidu tools will be used by other statistical tools, you do not use the Baidu Network Alliance will use other nets, there are related browsers. These companies or enterprises are more or less cooperative, there is data docking relationship, then data monitoring positioning is a necessity. For the webmaster, still deceive themselves? Should you consider the user's feelings?

Loyal users are the core of our website profit.

The ultimate goal of any website is to make profit, the core of any website profit can not be separated from users. And the website wants to profit must have own core user, earns own profit from it. This and do the flow of the site, must have a stable flow. For most stationmaster, everybody looks at the time of statistic tool to pay attention to own loyal user not? Every day there are new traffic, but the old user is what kind of situation, whether there is wastage? Just like A5 Webmaster Forum, how many old users? The development of a new user is very simple, how to maintain the old users, How to allow users to spend two times is the question that should be considered.

Active access to users (loyal users) what exactly should be done?

How can our website be condensed to active access to users? very simple truth. Why do users want to come to our website? Why do users want to spit on our site? What is the value of our website to users? The essence of cohesion to the loyal user is what we can provide to the user. Why Taobao can unite users? Why can QQ unite users? Why is the micro-letter so hot? For the webmaster, what can we provide to the user? What do we get when we provide our products or services? These two problems are the most important.

Guardian Kun has been in and webmaster Friends emphasize brand awareness, emphasis on Word-of-mouth marketing. Always stressed that the webmaster should grasp their own users, understand their target users in mind, cohesion of their core loyal users. In order to achieve their ultimate profit purposes. Today, Baidu Webmaster platform again stressed the user to the site of the voting mechanism, again told us that users are the fundamental site. As a webmaster, what are we wasting time doing? Think of your own initiative to visit users, and see what their "loyal fans" are doing.

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