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Android is a Linux kernel based software platform and operating system that was developed early by Google and then developed by the Open Cell Phone Consortium open handset Alliance. It uses the Software heap layer (software stack, also known as software Overlay) architecture, mainly divided into three parts. The low-level is based on the Linux kernel, providing only basic functionality, while other applications are developed by the companies themselves, and Java is part of the programming process. In addition, to promote this technology, Google and the other dozens of mobile phone companies to establish an open mobile alliance. Android is often rumored to be Google phone or Gphone before it is publicly available. Most rumors suggest that Google is developing its own mobile phone product, not a software platform. By January 2010, Google began to publish the Nexus one of its own branded mobile phones.

Android 1.1

G1 is the world's first mobile phone that uses Google's Android operating system. G1 contains a wealth of software: Chat software, electronic "> mail clients send and receive e-mail, gmail email, YouTube video playback, Chromelite Browser, Google electronic map, music player, YouTube online video playback client. Android1.1 Main features: Alarm clock, API sample, browser, calculator, camera, contact, development Kit, dial-up application, email, map (including Street View), information service, music, pictures, settings.

The world's first Android phone G1

Android 2.0

Motorola XT800 is the first listed in China's Android phone, since the listing by virtue of its super performance, dual-network network and China Telecom package preferential mode and many other advantages have been the love of many mobile phone players, IDC pointed out that the machine is the domestic Android licensed to sell the best one. XT800 is using the Android 2.0 operating system, the CPU model is ARM cortex A8, the machine's maximum expansion capacity is 32GB, file storage is carefree, the machine running speed do not worry. The machine is built with 5 million megapixel camera, maximum support 2592x1944 pixel photo shoot. MOTO XT800 is a dual sim phone, support CDMA2000 network, 3.7-inch screen resolution of 480x854 pixels, the machine supports virtual QWERTY keyboard, while supporting the WAPI features compatible with Wi-Fi wireless internet access. The machine has built-in GPS navigation module.


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