Companies must be clear about the purpose of the site and how to run the site later

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Abstract: Enterprises whether looking for professional web site companies to do, or their own team to do, must understand the purpose of the site and how the company to operate the site later, to clear the way, to avoid detours. The type of website to establish the website has: (1)

Enterprises whether looking for professional web site companies to do, or their own team to do, must be clear about the purpose of the site and how the company to operate the site later, to clear the way to avoid detours.

The purpose of establishing a website

The types of Web sites are:

(1) Business-to-business websites such as Alibaba

(2) corporate website, such as Cattle Business Network website

(3) Web sites such as Taobao

We take the enterprise website for example, his goal has: realizes the on-line investment, the display enterprise brand image, realizes from the on-line profit ...

If the company's sales model is mainly based on investment, then this type of site is called investment-oriented site, that is to say, the site is for those who are looking for a project customer base and service site, then the site will be tightly grasp the concerns of such target customers for structural planning;

Website features

According to the purpose of the site to determine the function of the site, such as investment site, you need to join the investment form to submit, join the application, successful customer cases, etc. to avoid a point, all the functions must be around a certain purpose, many customers will say I want to direct orders, online payment, imagine your customers without consulting on the direct order?

The importance and participation of the Enterprise to the website

Enterprise's website is like the enterprise own child, although may give the third party website company to take sole responsibility, but if the enterprise has its own ideas can also participate in, after all, the company is the most understanding of their companies, the more companies pay attention to the site, the more participation in the production of the site, the faster the production of the site, and the effect of the site is reflected faster.

Do the post operation and staffing:

Before the website on-line, must consider the website on-line personnel disposition and the management system; the most basic configuration:

Network Customer Service: Responsible for visiting customers reception;

Planning and Promotion: Promotion program planning;

Editorial staff: original soft writing;

Set website Promotion target

After the establishment of the website's ultimate goal is to help enterprises achieve network profitability, bring online customer resources, then how to achieve this goal? is to rely on promotion, so we need to set promotional means and promote the implementation phase; For example, SEO optimization: Site weight, site collection, the Core keyword ranking is to promote the focus of the site, is also the key to determine the ranking of the site, how long does the enterprise plan to spend the weight of the site to do 3? How long does it take to achieve a certain site collection? How long does it reach a keyword?

Small series feel that the enterprise to the website must find a strong strength thick company, cattle Business Network ( specializes in marketing-oriented web site construction, is a marketing-oriented website pioneer, marketing-oriented web site standards maker, the establishment of cattle business network has helped more than 3,000 small and medium-sized enterprises to create a network of money-making machines, Website construction must choose to have a very rich experience of the site to build the company, but also have to have a strong planning team, with marketing design, so as to really do a marketing-oriented web site, so that enterprises in the Internet take the most important step.

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