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VPS is also called a virtual server, is a stand-alone server divided into multiple virtual exclusive server services. Each VPS can be assigned independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent super space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution program and independent system configuration. Actually use the same concept as the server. Only his memory CPU hard drives are all virtualized. A lot of friends ask me: What is a VPS? I simply replied: the server. Since the server is involved, then I'll talk about simple applications and operations.

The difference between VPS and server: function and application is the same, but the VPS in the data processing will be inferior with the server, after all, VPS is the server out of the product, general a Xeon server can be divided into at least 25 vps.

Since the VPS is the server, of course, he has his own management panel, generally through a number of host server management software can achieve the system of reloading, shutdown and restart work. Service provider to provide you with a VPS, you must first give the VPS to install the necessary site operating environment, such as Asp,php,mysql. MSSQL and so on.

First: to the VPS installed pure version of the system, generally choose to install WIN2003 or WIN2008. If the service provider to provide you with a simple panel, then you can choose to install directly above, generally 20-30 minutes to complete.

Second: The installation of Web site environment, if it is in some service providers to buy VPS, such as the West, million nets, etc., you can submit technology in the background to help install IIS, because IIS is the default support ASP, so only need to install Php,mysql. MSSQL environment. If the webmaster hands-on ability, you can install iis,php environment, etc., this time need to log 3389 Remote Desktop into the server inside operation. For unfamiliar stationmaster of course can ask others to help install, log on Remote Desktop method is: Run-enter MSTSC then enter server Management account number, default is administrator and password. Into the VPS server can be seen inside the desktop, basic and we use the same XP. Can even install QQ and a variety of software.

Third: The website opens, if install is IIS, then may add the website directly in IIS, first builds the website's directory in other hard disk, then the new website directory points to this directory. The main header is your domain name, port 80. FTP can use the FTP server for the default IIS, or you can install serv FTP servers separately. Novice will not, you can install other virtual host management system, so you can open space online. Free virtual host management software can use n points, installed, direct online can open space, of course, you have the conditions, you can install the virtual host management system, you can even sell virtual host, sell space, you instantly become IDC.

Four: Server environment optimization, the QSO Open, limited 20% full speed, open gzip compression, not often updated web sites, such as Picture station, navigation station, you can open the cache, after a simple optimization, your server will soon, the site open speed significantly improve. Often over a period of time, clean up the server garbage, keep the server healthy and stable operation.

V: VPS Server security. The above mentioned VPS is the server, then the security of the server is very important to get rid of the VPS default management account and password, change 3389 default port for other 5 digits, install server security software, such as server Security dog. Do the basic security settings for the server, it is said that the extraterrestrial software has a key security settings for these features. VPS server is not safe to do, every day is attacked, or someone using your server to catch chickens, phpddos and so on. Or the server is being put right, the data is corrupted etc.

VPS also divided into independent IP and shared IP, the current market on the general VPs to be sold to hundred or so, for the general small Web sites, enterprise stations, data volume is not very large stations do not recommend the use of VPS. VPS suitable for a lot of people, VPS can be unlimited binding domain name, of course, our domestic VPS need to record, part of the white list audit can be used, the U.S. VPS Although the price is very cheap, but security, stability than domestic. Also a speed is not to keep up, in addition to Hong Kong VPS speed, and do not need to record, so the webmaster are using the most is also a Hong Kong VPS.

This article is to the novice webmaster do not understand the VPS people write, I hope to read this article can help you. SEO industry has a kind of saying that the use of VPS to build stations than the virtual host better, in fact, this is misleading, you use VPS, inside the site, but also to establish a virtual host, so the use of VPS is different from person to person. For often spend a lot of money, buy a lot of virtual host webmaster, to build a lot of station webmaster, undoubtedly buy VPS is wise choice, because VPS than independent server much cheaper than the price of its one-sixth. Well, that's all for today's lecture. Article source: Chu Tian Webmaster station (Wen/Mao Hongliang)

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