NoSQL database mongodb launched a new generation of products mongodb 2.6

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Recently, the nosql database mongodb launched a new generation of products mongodb 2.6, this version fully strengthen the core server, providing new automated tools and important business functions, claiming to be mongodb come out in 5 years the largest release, the main improvement in the development of http: // "> Personnel management operations, better suited to larger enterprises.

It is reported, mongodb as a cross-platform file-oriented open source database system, is currently the most popular non-relational database (nosql), launched in 2009 has hit a record 7 million downloads. mongodb's promoter, mongodb inc., had the market capitalization of $ 1.2 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, becoming New York's most valuable start-up.

mongodb co-founder said that rewriting the entire query execution engine to improve scalability, from the new index intersection (index intersection) to more sophisticated query planning tools, the first step to create a more maintainable program, but also to make it more Easy to implement new features and, in addition, for the upcoming 2.8 release, this release lays the foundation for dramatically improved parallelism with file-level locking.

In security, mongodb 2.6 enhanced single authentication capabilities, using tls encryption, user-defined roles and other mechanisms to build a trustworthy system, and can be integrated with the ibm guardium to extend the audit capabilities.

On the other hand, mongodb has also updated its mongodb management service (mms), a database management service that works with both cloud and local deployments. In addition to monitoring and alerting features, new backup and fixed-point recovery features are added and this year automation is planned to be managed from a simple interface.

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