Personal sites want to be bigger and stronger must have their own unique model

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Now a lot of people do site on an idiomatic mode: Find a set of templates + Dorado Picture + Next Collector + collection point article.

OK, now start doing SEO or ask someone to help look at the optimization. To tell the truth, in these people's heart, make a website is too simple, too effortless. Just such a collection of garbage station, they also as a treasure like, told him to throw him still think is to his life, day IP over ">100 than married wife also happy."

For example: Woman This station uses the template, n many people also use Ah, the function of the template is fixed, give you an ordinary paper mill, you can't make money. One thing I admit, choose the right direction, do a good job of SEO, have a better operation, even if it is a template to get out of the site may also achieve good profits. But it's a handful, and it's not very profitable and it's getting harder.

Even if the average website is profitable, there will be a big weakness. Easy to be a new station beyond, others develop a much better than your system, do a good job of publicity, it is easy to ride to your head.

So the site has its own innovation, have their own soul, such a site is easy to bigger and stronger. The collection aspect I did not say more, the direct word, gathers may and the rubbish draw the equal sign, like: and so on.

There is no value in the Web site, commercialization is impossible to talk about. The value of a website is mainly embodied in the following three aspects:

1: Scale (Quantity): The site must already have a certain scale, including a quantitative content (page number), or a certain amount of users, or a certain amount of the number of people asked;

2: Originality (Quality): "People have no I have, people have my new, people new I refined"--different from others, this is a site of the key to a sudden rise;

3: Profitability (with visible profit pattern): Survival, is the primary purpose of the site, profit, is the premise of the survival of the site, the 3rd is particularly important in the past, the site is only one-sided pursuit of access, ignoring the site's most fundamental "survival" problem, so produced too many too many bubbles. How to turn attention to value, this is the biggest challenge for existing commercial websites, when the personal website is commercialized, it will inevitably face this severe test.

How to transform a personal website to a commercial website first, make clear the difference between personal website and commercial website, prepare well:

① content: In this full copy of the Internet, personal sites do not need to consider too many copyright issues, and commercial sites should be attentive;

② Technology: Commercial web site needs more technical support, system maintenance, program preparation;

③ Team: Commercial web site needs a more complete combination of personnel: Leadership + Management + Finance + technology + Design + Edit + market, rather than as a personal site as a lone individual heroism;

④ Management: Efficient, standardized, is the business site must be the management model, small workshop-style loose management mode will only lead to failure;

⑤ shares: This is often a personal site to the transformation of the business site of a dead point, often make a huff is because of the distribution of shares, personal sites are more driven by the ideals and satisfaction, so there will be no conflict of interest;

⑥ funds: Most of the above content, such as the resolution of copyright issues, hiring a higher level of technical personnel and production staff, the promotion of the market, need to have sufficient funds to support.

In short, you have now jumped into the commercial web site of the ocean, at this moment, can only send you eight words: Righteousness no return to Gu, courageously.

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