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The solution of Pao Server system in Guangdong Netcom VOD project

1. Project background with the rapid popularization of the Internet, the number of Internet access has increased by leaps and bounds. At the same time, there is a growing demand for information on the Internet. Gradually not satisfied with the simple text interface and boring MIDI music, and eager to be able to hear the more cordial to see the sound and image. So the network streaming media technology is born with the development of the network, and integrates the television technology, and becomes the rapid rise of a high-tech comprehensive technology. It took advantage of the network and video technology, and completely changed the passive side of the past watching the show ...

Four basic features and advantages mortem of network video server

Network video Server (dvs,digital), also known as digital Video encoder, is a kind of compression, processing audio and video data professional network transmission equipment, audio and video compression codec chip, input and output channels, network interface, audio and video interface, RS485 serial interface control, Protocol interface control, system software management, and so on, mainly provide video compression or decompression function, the completion of image data collection or recovery, the current more popular based on MPEG-4 or H.264 image data compression via Internet network ...

Cloud computing and cloud storage boost video surveillance development

The diversity of market demand provides market space for various storage solutions. Therefore, in the future for a considerable period of time, DVR, NVR, sdi-dvr and Fcsan, Ipsan and other storage solutions will coexist. Cloud computing and cloud storage are likely to have a huge impact on the video surveillance market over the next few years and push the video surveillance industry to a new, higher stage of development. Improve storage network performance Distributed File System SDFs (Skydistributedfilesystem) meet the new requirements of security video surveillance, solution ...

This double eleven singles day, Alibaba video cloud takes you to the carnival

In 2017, the Double 11 Singles Day, Tmall Global Carnival Night became a highlight. In order to let users watch the live broadcast with low latency and high quality, Alibaba Cloud uses the full hybrid cloud solution from the party scene to the video cloud live broadcast center.

Video war continued controversy, Ikki Iki said the industry first?

When Koo Yong Youku lead the United States to the United States when the market, where Gong Yu's love Fantastic Art has just started from the starting point. But by now, they have become the first camp in the video industry, close to or even just a little side to meet each other. IQIYI after the merger of PPS is in some key indicators by leaps and bounds, so, it and You are declaring that they are the first in the video industry. This chase race, Gong Yu spent less than four years. Since the founding of the second year, Iqiliyi by virtue of each year 200% or 300% of the rockets in the growth rate, had long been mobile on the layout, ...

Virtual Host or Server interpretation video site hosting traffic

& ">nbsp; The World Cup's footsteps are drifting away, but in the World Cup Battle of the video site before the formal war, the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the five-door melee, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Tom, regardless of the strength of the weak are full of home, the Chinese people are best at imitation, four years after the World Cup in South Africa, suddenly turn Borrow Before the door ...

On the development of cloud storage in mass video monitoring data storage

Advances in technology and changes in market demand are always the most important two aspects of the development of an industry, these two aspects are mutual influence and mutual action, security technology progress is obvious to all, the image of High-definition, transmission network, storage cloud, the application of intelligent platform. The market has also quietly changed, traditional public security services are no longer the focus of security video surveillance market, industry-specific video surveillance network and rapid development of family security services will soon become the next market focus, with the shift of the market center of gravity, in order to adapt to new market features and needs ...

Video cloud will be the new force point of 2014 Music Vision

On the eve of the 2014 Spring Festival, Le will announce the operation of the two or three-year video of the open platform independent of the music vision, set up a le-View Cloud Computing Co. Le See the CTO in the interview explained the original intention of doing so, Lok Vision has been to build their own unique ecology, including platform, content, terminals and applications. The establishment of cloud computing companies, mainly because these years in the platform, technology and business has been a certain accumulation, hoping to make this business bigger and stronger. In addition to its own strength, Dr Yeoh is optimistic about the Internet in the direction of mobile, large screen and video, and other aspects of the development of this ...

Audience-oriented ability Convergence video cloud

Guide: Cloud computing is not so much a technological innovation as a revolutionary force. Video cloud computing is based on the concept of cloud computing technology, using video as a "cloud" to the "terminal" to show the results of a cloud computing solution. Whether it is Archie Art set up a dedicated team to expand the video cloud services market, or the Youku Platform API interface to the outside, or is it a video network bulletin said that with the music as a joint venture to establish an independent cloud computing company.   The concept of video + cloud has already been taken seriously. One question: "2012 is the year of OTT, when the whole concept of video cloud ...

Video conference Top ten open source project ranking

In the "> Video conferencing field, there are many open source projects that can be referenced, such as protocol stacks, encoders or transport protocols, Because the video conferencing system is a comprehensive application system, which contains more functions, such as the choice of these open source projects to join the development of our video conferencing, our development efficiency will be more efficient, the following we enumerate video conferencing related ...

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