PICC Property involved in trademark infringement disputes involved in the amount of money or super billion

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(Photo source: Data map) While the overall listing of the PICC group, the sensitive period, the subsidiary of PICC Property but provoked a lawsuit, recently its propaganda logo "through train" was implicated in trademark infringement.  Yesterday, the parties to a stone just disclosed in the media conference, PICC property in unauthorized circumstances, the use of a large number of his registration of the "Through Train" trademark, the amount of money involved or super billion. According to the introduction, August 6, 2004 Shi Gang to the State Trademark Office for registration "through train" trademark and received, to January 7, 2008 officially approved, "through train" trademark registration number is 4207334, valid until January 6, 2018.  The State Trademark Office record information shows that the trademark approved services project covers almost all business scope of insurance.  Shi Gang said that the "through train" trademark application after the success of the "Through Train" trademark authorized Dalian Alliance Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. and many other companies engaged in insurance business use. In the second half of 2009, PICC has been allowed to revise the tariff rate and began to use the "Through Train" logo. Shi Gang that this act directly violated his "through train" registered trademark trademark rights, and in late March this year to Dalian Xigang District court proceedings. Shi Gang's acting lawyer, Chen Joejin, said the claim was revoked on the basis that the "through train" had not been used for three consecutive years.  In support of the continuity of the use of the "through Train" trademark, Shi Gang also listed the development of the "through Train" insurance software for mobile phone download and installation after 2009 years.  Chen Joejin pointed out that Shi Gang in February this year to obtain a "through Train" trademark license contract for the record, said that the three years of the trademark claims that the trade mark was not used and the revocation of the request could not be established. In this regard, the PICC property related persons to the trademark dispute case has not denied, but that the rhetoric also has a false point.  The person told reporters that the current PICC Insurance Law department is to further assess the dispute, will eventually hear the court decision. Reporters yesterday to check the National Trademark Office on the "through train" related information, February 20, 2012, the National Trademark Office received the "through train" trademark contract filing application, March 27 received the revocation of three years of application, the application for March 30 received the dispute or supplementary materials, are currently awaiting trial status.
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