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The city of the cloud

Today, in Chengdu, diners can trace the source of every piece of pork eaten in the "City Cloud", and in Jiangxi, about 500 pilot hospitals have been using cloud services at the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center to maintain patient information.   This is based on the "City Cloud" on the basis of the city of Cloud in the next three years or will be more than 10, and form a network, become a foundation, there are applications, efficient Chinese Xiangyun. "From cloud computing you can see the emancipation of the mind of a city. "For those who do not know the Chengdu Cloud Computing Center and the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center, ...

Research on theory and countermeasure of cloud computing information security in China

1. Cloud computing Information Resource Management Model 1.1 The origins, definitions, and characteristics of cloud computing "cloud computing" has a long history, as early as in 1961, McCarthy, a computer expert at MIT, predicted that computers would eventually become a global public resource. 2006, Google formally proposed the "Cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) terminology, and to the University of Washington to provide 40 PCs composed of a small cloud, open ...

There are six problems in the development of cloud computing industry at present

June 30, 2011, Sadie Network joint-Sadie consultant in Beijing released the 2011 edition of China's cloud computing Industry Development White Paper (hereinafter "white Paper"). In 2010, Sadie Consultant released the first white Paper on cloud computing industry in China, which aroused wide concern of the industry and media. In the 2011 new white Paper, Sadie Consultants in the market data, industry data, cloud computing applications and typical cases have made a new comb and a lot of updates to the market development of the status quo summarized, and added to the domestic enterprises of the commentary. Research on the development of China's electronic information industry ...

Cloud world leader: The passion and creation of Chinese cloud

Lai: Next Please welcome the speaker of the dialogue, Mr. Ming, chairman and president of Ufida, Mr. Wang Wenjing, vice president of the China Unicom Research Institute, Mr. Fang, chairman of the Zhang Zhenqing group, Mr. Lin Shi-ding, Chairman of Baidu Technical Committee, Dr. Yao Hongyu, friend System CEO. In fact today not only has the cloud, the sky also floats the snowflake, is very auspicious for everybody cloud computing person. Each guest in three minutes to greet the cloud of their own wonderful point of view, each guest at the end of three minutes, guests can also speak with ...

Public cloud is the ultimate form, there will be 5-7 giant manufacturers in the future

In the past two years, the overall penetration rate of cloud computing has been continuously improved, and the turning point of the industry has arrived.

Whether you cloud or not clouds anyway I cloud

Even if it's just a matter of thinking about it, the beautiful picture of the cloud era described here is somewhat desirable. Dedicate a cold joke that many people may have seen. A Chinese student in the United States to send fast food. He never took a calculator and looked up at the clouds every time he checked with the customers. The surprised people use calculator to verify the result that he calculates all right, realized this is called "cloud computing". Cloud computing can be regarded as a technical field of hot words, and the original "Mother Shout you go home to eat", "God Horse Cloud", now "no matter how you, I anyway ..."

Cloud migration, public cloud or private cloud?

With the advancement of technology and the change of the Times, after several years of development, the benefits of cloud computing is being understood by more and more people, some innovative companies are slowly beginning to try to deploy cloud computing. But for the deployment cloud, not all companies can do, for most companies, cloud computing is a new thing, to move the data center completely to the "cloud" side is not to say that can do, the process faces many challenges and pitfalls. However, even if there are more challenges, every company is still migrating, or at least considering migrating to the cloud. ...

Cloud World Congress: The power of the cloud to show the wonderful clouds

The cloud network brings together technology innovators, application practitioners, policymakers and capital-driven forces to build a vibrant and vibrant cloud ecosystem. December 12, the Beijing Economic and Information Technology Committee, led by the China Development Zone and the cloud base jointly sponsored the "Cloud World 2011" Conference opened in Beijing Economic and technological development zone, government leaders, industry leaders, technology elites, capital forces and cloud applications to converge, integration of global perspective and front-line practice, Share cloud thoughts, experience cloud innovation, explore cloud future, create cloud world. Accompanying opening video and music, cloud base ...

Cloud storage user number next year or 25% personal cloud services usher in Gold rush

Personal cloud storage users are growing in size. According to Hisisuppli, a market research firm, more than 500 million new users of cloud storage have completed registration by 2012, and the number of new registered users in 2013 is expected to reach 625 million and increase by 25%. In 2011, this year's data were only 300 million. In the great business opportunities of attracting, the current major manufacturers compete for Cloud wave, the market melee constantly upgraded, personal cloud storage or become a trend. But the personal cloud storage market still has many bottleneck to break through, especially at present cloud service is still in the concept guide ...

Defending the cloud: A security perspective in the cloud computing era

In the 80 's, the desktop computer, the Internet revolution, with technological advances as a leader to stimulate the people's potential demand, creating more market and business model, the achievements of Microsoft, Oracle, Sun and Yahoo and other companies.   Today, the Internet of things, cloud computing, triple-net convergence has become the most commonly mentioned three keywords, these three hot areas from the technical level and business aspects of the industry brought new changes. Following the PC and Internet revolution, cloud computing was seen as the third it wave in the 2010, becoming an important part of China's strategic emerging industries. It will bring birth ...

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