Stationmaster should make clear the direction of survival and development of this station and do well the website plan actively

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General new website, the beginning of the goal is bigger, do well, who are the same, but there are a few really do this, the premise is to do a good job first to make the site easy to operate, to achieve more, have a little effect, so have to do the confidence, because see just started to walk the good, will go on. We should subdivide the site's planning, what to do every one months, what level to complete, what to accomplish in the second month, how far to complete, and how the two-month feedback should be, and so on. In this way, believe that in the future, you will make a good result, sometimes you will be hard to write.

A good leader, to the site to do a good faith, so that will not give up halfway.

Second, the first thing to do is to do a responsible webmaster, from the user point of view.

Third, secondly, to form a high sense of responsibility of the team.

Four, again, clearly do the site is mainly targeted at what kind of users, targeted to do

Five, the establishment of long-term plans, divided into short-term plans, according to plan one by one implementation

So one see, to do a bit of analysis, how to do a good job on the site from the big thing.

1, good leadership, is the spirit of doing things must be done in the attitude. Then you can lead the people below to do well. Although the current leadership will not be much, but only the good direction, good strategy to use the leadership of the people under the process, the same will do well. Good leadership, to have the early planning good, the middle can coordinate well, behind the problem can be dealt with well, planning to have a workable plan for the following people to carry out, these qualities, at the same time to the following human nature, or who do not want to work under the hands of the boss.

2, the first thing to do is to do a responsible webmaster, from the user point of view.

Be responsible webmaster. To do this, you have to stand in the user experience angle to do, because you do the site is for users, not to see for themselves. A new web site, first of all to be successful, first pay attention to what the user wants. For example, Ma's Taobao, his platform to do a particularly good job, he also knows what users want, so can survive and develop well, more profitable. In fact, as long as businessmen should know this, you sell things are not customers want, if not that there is no market.

3, the formation of high responsibility team. If everyone in the team has a sense of responsibility, have the same idea, that is, to allow users to get pretty good products, then do which work, and will be quite well, and eventually make things will not have any problems. Conversely, if a link error, it is likely that the product has a little problem, although the problem may be small, but it may affect the use.

4, clearly targeted at what kind of customer groups, so as to be targeted to do a good job. The content of a Web site can be large and small, which should be viewed from the user and webmaster capabilities. For example, to do daily necessities of the website, if the ability of large or only for soap and shampoo products, that content has limitations, if the target is all the daily commodity, then to seek webmaster ability is a requirement of all aspects. To your market research capacity, product processing capacity, and the overall situation of the control ability to have comprehensive requirements, only in this way, to do a comprehensive product site to do a good job.

5, establish a long-term plan, divided into a number of small plans, step-by-step implementation. This is a long time to do the webmaster is a quite suitable, but also some difficult task. If your station is to what extent within three years, then it is necessary to divide small goals, what to do within two years, what to do in a year, step-by-step plan, and then reduce the monthly plan, the weekly plan, so as to clearly understand their own site how to run, usually what kind of work.

With the above plan, there are big direction, the direction of the middle, should be able to provide a good idea for the webmaster. Hope that the vast number of webmasters have made progress. This article in A5 first, by Taizhou SEO Writing, reproduced please keep the author link, thank you!

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