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We look at the weight of a site often notice that there are two places, one is the PR value of the site, the other is to note that the site's snapshot. I believe that I do not say that we all know, the site's PR value higher, the snapshot date the more near the current time, the weight of this site is higher. The content of the site and the original degree of the chain, the construction of the chain directly affects the site's PR and snapshots. Here is a snapshot of the site today.

Site snapshots as a simple indicator, it shows the date is the search engine on your site update time. If you open a search engine to search your own site and see the snapshot date yesterday, this means that the search engine updated your site yesterday. If every day you look at the search engine snapshot date is yesterday, this means that your site is very popular with search engines, search engine spiders often come to eat, even if you do not update the content, the search engine will make a simple update.

You may find that many of the site snapshots are not the next day, their snapshot date has not been updated for a long time, and some even regressed, which is related to the content of these sites and links have a direct relationship. Site content of the original and update the frequency of the snapshot has the greatest impact, if you update the content of the site is collected or copied online repeated the seen of the article, spiders come to see is to eat greasy things, it will eat? or your site is not updated one months, spiders every time to starve, it will often come? Although the external chain of the site is not small, but also play a role, because the spider is through the chain to our website, the more outside the chain, attracting spiders to the greater the opportunity, the more frequent snapshots. Do a good job of the site's external chain and content, the site's snapshot basically don't worry about.

The search engine is constantly adjusting the algorithm, sometimes a big adjustment will cause a lot of snapshots of the Web site problems, then we should be a positive attitude, quo, the site snapshot is just an indicator, not our optimization goals, how to do at ordinary times we still have to stick to it, I believe we will get a good ranking.

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