Two-section to local real estate network how to seize the opportunity to promote the site to soar

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The upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day for the development of local sites added magical color, the mid-Autumn Festival, National Day of Qi arrived for the development of local sites brought new opportunities, especially for local real estate network is so, real estate sales have so-called "Golden nine silver Ten" argument, And the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day together is for gold nine silver ten brought more accurate guarantee. The following concrete to talk about the local real estate network can grasp the opportunity to promote development.

Based on the current users, and focus on the promotion of the built listings

Believe that the local real estate site friends have their own personal relationships, and these already exist in the relationship is the foundation of the site, we think about the arrival of the two festivals, we can not turn out some of the site's old user contact? By communicating with old users to get them to help promote the site, And in the availability of the problem I suggest the best is to contact with the property developers have been built, so that users can be in the time of vacation intuitively feel the atmosphere of the house, to improve sales have great benefits. However, in the current user base, the promotion has been built in the time to pay attention to the following two questions:

1, pay attention to contact methods, users leave the QQ generally with the main mailbox, no use QQ words in the phone when also pay attention to their tone, do not be rash.

2, the availability of the broad, in the promotion of the time must ensure that their hands of the availability of a lot, to ensure that users can see more listings.

Improve the beauty of the site, attract users to stay in the footsteps

Many local real estate site pages are mainly advertising, these pages do not have a graceful, said directly a lot of local real estate network is an advertising site, and in the advent of the two-day, I feel the need for their own website page to be revised, at least to their own site to hang a "round" symbolic things bar, This is also a site in the festive flag, we all know that the major search engine in the holiday will change the search engine logo, and our site page changes is also in line with the search engine needs, which is conducive to change.

1, change the logo, you can make or invite people to create a unique website logo, to allow users to enter the site can be attracted by the logo features.

2, change the advertising model, remove those large ads, will be divided into a small number of ads, which advertisers pay high we can hang in a significant location, so that the user experience is an improvement, and in the profit will also have a higher profitability.

3, change the background color, National Day is the main red, everywhere is red, so our site should also be linked with red, as a local real estate site, the background in red when you can also use some of the building effect rendering out, this to the site to attract users to stay pace is very important.

Recruit service personnel, do a good job in this two-section

The festival is to spend money, money can be effective, as a local real estate network in this festival do not worry about spending money, we think about, 9.30 is the Mid-Autumn Festival, 10.1 is the national day, so many families are all together, often need a house family will also find some listings on the internet, This time a website service can compare out, if your website service then the user may support your website, this is inestimable to the development of the website, want to know a city development Foundation is real estate, if you get One-tenth to buy the property of the masses support, So you get hundreds of thousands of or even millions of people support, this is more than the general development of the local portal site, so we can go to hire a number of dedicated customer service staff to receive the two-day event. The service personnel employed should have the following requirements:

1, the attitude is kind, stationmaster can regard oneself as the customer goes to the website to check the attitude of customer service, if feel not good then change before double section.

2, typing speed, the customer came to the website to ask a question, don't wait for a few minutes have no answer, generally speaking a customer's limited waiting time is 30 seconds, if your customer service can not, hurriedly replaced.

3, understand a certain real estate sales knowledge, since the user to your local real estate network to explain the user or more understanding of the real estate, this time your customer service Sanbuzhi, then the user will have to leave.

The arrival of two sections is not easy, and the arrival of the two-section of the local real estate site is incalculable, Gold nine silver Ten said I am afraid will be completely realized, you owners of real estate webmaster friends, you have learned how to do before the festival to do a good job on the site? This article originates from Zhengzhou real Estate network http://, I also do the real estate site, I hope in the two-day time to take off quickly.

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