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In addition to the use of Windows10 Remote Desktop in the LAN, the Internet can also be used outside, as long as the Internet is known to be the remote IP address and port mapping on the route. When the network problems have been ruled out, or not connected to the remote desktop how to do?

Prevent some connections on the network in addition to the above physical hardware, then it is the software settings above.

Go to the WIN10 Control Panel and click on Family Group.

Of course, if you open the file explorer, right-click on the home group in the left directory can also.

First of all look at WIN10 more advanced sharing settings, is not inaccessible, you can disable the home group services to solve some inexplicable problems.

The next look at Windows10 remote desktop settings there is no problem, right-click the computer properties, click Remote Settings.

Into the advanced settings to see if there is a checked place forgot to cancel.

Finally, the choice of user rights, that is, the use of remote desktop users need permission to log in, the average user using the administrator account do not have to worry about.

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