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Troubleshooting a Web server

Access to the Web server is a lot of LAN users often have to do a "homework", in the frequent access process, many friends have accumulated some Web server access experience, these experiences will often help them to quickly solve some of the small inaccessible problems. However, this article contributed to the Web server can not access the failure of the phenomenon is more special, if not carefully analyzed, simple experience to solve the problem, mostly easy detours; In order to help your friends to access the Web server efficiently, I now restore this special network access troubleshooting process, I hope you can collect from ...

How to set up ftp server

Erecting a FTP server is actually very simple. First of all, to ensure that your machine can access the Internet, but also not less than ADSL 512Kbps network speed. Second, the hardware performance to meet your needs. Finally, you need to install FTP server-side software, such a lot of software, you can use Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server Internet Information Services), you can also use the professional software. Different software to provide different functions, adapt to the needs and operating systems are also different. In general, the system minimum requirements such as ...

Understanding the new technology of Blade server and virtual server

The so-called Blade server (which is precisely called a blade server) means that multiple, modular server units can be plugged into a standard, rack-mounted chassis to achieve high availability and high-density. Each "blade" is actually a system motherboard. They can start their own operating system via "onboard" hard disk, such as Windows nt/2000, Linux, and so on, like a separate server, in which each motherboard runs its own system ...

Local Area Network proxy server establishment scheme

A proxy server is a computer that is not able to perform an operation on its own, which is the proxy server that performs the operation through a single server. The proxy server is the network Service technology which comes into being with the Internet, it can realize the security filtering of the network, the flow control (reduce Internet usage fee), the user manages and so on function, so the proxy server is very useful to the user of the home network, small enterprise network. It can not only solve many units connected to the Internet caused by insufficient IP address, but also ...

Some security issues with SQL Server

Currently on the NT Server intrusion, there are many ways, such as the use of IIS vulnerabilities, but you do not know that there is no, in fact, with the NT Server associated with the SQL database server example is a very proportional means. Herbless intrusion of some sites, such as site is through the intrusion of SQL Server to gain control of the system and destroyed. So the protection of SQL Server is essential, here I have some loopholes for you to refer to. ---------------...

Windows Server Security Configuration experience sharing

A lot of people now think that Microsoft has too many loopholes, Microsoft's system security is very poor, but through my various systems in the process of security configuration I summed up some experience, special to share with you, in fact, all kinds of systems have a lot of loopholes, but Microsoft's things with the most people, the general level is not very high, Will not make a variety of security settings, it will let people have now online with nt/2000 service security is very poor feeling, in fact, nt/2000 server if you do a good job of the security settings, its security will never be worse than Nix system, if you ...

VNC Remote Desktop solves server failure in three cases

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall the author for many years engaged in operation and maintenance work, operation and maintenance work peacetime pressure is not,   But every month has a few days--server ventilation! Our company installs the Windows system the server rarely runs continuously for more than three months, the regular restart is almost necessary, otherwise freezes, the blue screen, the response odd slow and so on various problems all come. Make a move on.

Database server Security

The database server is actually the foundation of every electronic transaction, financial and enterprise resource Planning (ERP) system, and it often includes sensitive information from business partners and customers. Although the data integrity and security of these systems are important, the level of security checks taken against the database is not as high as the security measures of the operating system and the network. Many factors can disrupt data integrity and lead to illegal access, including complexity, poor password security, misconfigured, undetected system backdoor, and mandatory routine use of adaptive database security methods ...

SQL Server: Security design from scratch

Basic points if you don't understand the basic concepts of SQL Server Security, stop developing and read these development guidelines first, and you can't safely make a database safe without knowing these concepts. The security of the program is just like a truck. You have an engine, a key, all the possible processes that occur when the key is turned on and the engine is started. If you ignore certain details, there will be a lot of trouble during the driving. After the problem arises, you can give the truck to a repairman, but for ...

Chen: Configuring and managing an SSH server under RHEL5

"Silicon Valley network October 8," according to "Science and Technology and Life" magazine 2012 15th, SSH is the current network of remote login tools, it can be built between the server and host encryption tunnels to protect all aspects of communication security, including the password from eavesdropping.   Designed to start with SSH's primary configuration, allows beginners to quickly configure a simple and efficient SSH server. keywords ssh; remote login; Linux key 1 Proxy Server overview in the current network, remote logins are very common, but in the use of te ...

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