The basics of developing smart Web applications with Ajax

ajax|web| Program Download the source code for this article    A. What is Ajax? This name represents the asynchronous javascript+xmlhttprequest and means that you can set up socket communication between browser-based

Ten reasons to like Ajax

Ajax In a conservative sense, Ajax is now a technology that is hot enough to be hot. No one can deny that it has a large number of supporters. On CNN, it grew into a rudimentary technology from a February-century term to October. Therefore, it is

IBM Google and other giants join forces to support the open Ajax program

Ajax|google Author: Tianhong Dow Jones News: IBM, Google, Yahoo, Oracle and other IT giants teamed up to support the open Ajax program. Many High-tech companies, including IBM, Google, Yahoo, Oracle and BEA, have announced a common support for an

Ajax/amowa Framework China made Buffalo 1.2 recent release

Ajax After a long period of work and support from the Buffalo community, the Buffalo Ajax/amowa Framework 1.2 was released. The new version includes an improved and exciting spring integration, prototype integration, and support for the browser

AJAX/XUL Web Framework ZK 1.0.0 Final Release

Ajax|web The AJAX framework ZK recently announced that ZK 1.0.0 final officially released. ZK is a Java framework based on XUL embedded Ajax event-driven to enrich the user Network application interface. With this tool, you

AJAX Framework DWR 1.1 release

Ajax The AJAX Framework Direct Web Remoting (DWR) project team recently announced the DWR 1.1 release. DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is a WEB remote call framework that makes it easy to develop Ajax. New features included in

Understanding can innovate and easily build your own AJAX framework

Ajax|ajax Framework This article is just a basic AJAX framework, although AJAX is not a new technology, but as a framework is not an article can explain the white. The purpose of this article: to help beginners learn better and use the AJAX

Ajax and Database Technology

ajax| Data | database   First, the introduction Today, there are quite a few web applications, such as Backpack,blinksale and Gmail, that integrate database technology with Ajax. This integration has a huge impact on Web applications and the user

Ajax Cornerstone Script Asynchronous concurrent call parameter passing

Ajax| Scripts | Asynchronous in the AJAX development Framework, the most basic division is the server side and the client. Server-side relatively simple, as long as the Dynamic Web page can be developed by the language can be competent; The client

Implementation of dynamic tree structure with Ajax

ajax| Dynamic | tree-structured tree structure is a kind of widely used data structure. The genealogy of Clan and the organization form of modern enterprise in human society are all tree-shaped structure. In the field of computer, the management

On the security of Ajax and the hidden dangers of Ajax (1)

Ajax| Security | security | Vulnerabilities Web developers will not notice the passion created by AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is largely thanks to the ability to create smart Web sites like Google suggest or web-based applications

On the security of Ajax and the hidden dangers of Ajax (2)

ajax| Safety | security | Safety Hazard 5. Unsecured communication: Each AJAX call may return only a small amount of data to the client, but the data is private and confidential. Max can write a handy tool to digitally verify your credit card number,

Ajax will become the preferred development platform for Mobile Web2.0 era

Ajax|web|web2 First, the introduction Recently, Opera has announced the application of Ajax technology to mobile device development through their browsers. Given the popularity of opera browsers in the current browser market

Implement an online conference room system with AJAX+J2EE

ajax|j2ee| Online Conference This year everyone in the hype Web2.0, one of the technology Ajax is also followed by fire, so I wrote a paper called "Cheat Ajax" article, simply analyze the essence of AJAX technology. Although I do not like to follow

Ajax is not a mystery: the small underpants that uncover various Ajax controls and class libraries

Ajax| Control AJAX control and class library now really too much, unknowingly added to the mystery and complexity of Ajax, see a lot of people in the version of this puzzle and worry, decided to send this post to talk about my view of Ajax, I hope

Progress Bar Using ajax:design Details

Ajax Progress Bar Using ajax:design DetailsThe sequence diagram below details the participants on both the client and server needed to provide an AJAX progress bar. The details are explained in further detail in the remainder of this document.

AJAX Hacks the HACK2. Using the Request object to deliver data to the server

Ajax|request| Object | server | data AJAX Hacks HACK2. Using the Request object to deliver data to the server Starting with the traditional way to transfer form data, this section describes using the Post method to send data to communicate with the

Ajax Hacks-hack9 Deep understanding of HTTP Response

Ajax|response Ajax Hacks-hack9 Deep understanding of HTTP ResponseHTTP response headers are descriptive information that conforms to the HTTP 1.1 protocol specification, and the Web server sends accurate pages or data to the requesting end. If you

Ajax Technical Documentation (1)

Ajax First, the main reason to use Ajax 1, through the appropriate AJAX application to achieve a better user experience;2, some of the previous server burden to the client, to facilitate the client idle processing capacity to deal with, reduce the

Explain how to implement the most basic AJAX framework

Ajax|ajax Framework | Environment: Window Xp SP2 +. Net framwwork 2.0 self-brought client 2.0 has been released. 2.0 has many new features, and the client callback is one of them. The client callback allows us to

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