Ajax can be dragged by a div block

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HTML5-based preview multi-picture Ajax upload _ajax related

One, about the picture upload what or whatIn the era of XHTML, we upload pictures using HTML file controls and upload one at a time. To upload multiple graphs at one time, the practice is to use flash. such as Swfupload.js. Unfortunately, the use of

Realization of real-time data transmission with AJAX integrated database technology

ajax| Data | Database One, INTRODUCTION Today, there are quite a few web applications, such as Backpack,blinksale and Gmail, that integrate database technology with Ajax. This integration has a huge impact on Web applications and the user

Ajax QuickStart HTTP Protocol Basics

Ajax| QuickStart A good grasp of AJAX technology is the understanding of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is used to transfer Web pages, images, and other types of files on the Internet that are transmitted between browsers and servers. As

Extending AJAX applications with asynchronous servlet--multiplexing client sockets

The advent of Ajax as a Web application model has changed the face of the server side dramatically. Users fill out a form on a Web page and click the Submit button to go to the next link the typical Web usage mode is now being transformed into more

Solution of XMLHTTP garbled in Ajax (utf8,gb2312 encoding decoding)

ajax|xml| Code | solve When using XMLHTTP Post form, there are two reasons for the--post of the form when the form data is garbled, and the server response is XMLHTTP incorrectly encoded. In other words, this article mainly solves two problems-how

Three kinds of members of JavaScript classes in Ajax

Ajax|javascript the public member of the implementation class Any of the class members previously defined are in the category of public members, and any instance of the class exposes these properties and methods externally. implementing a private

Ajax.js inside has the content display effect, according to the ID

ajax|js| Display Ajax.js inside has the content display effect, according to the ID[Copy this Code] CODE:var http_request = false;var Success=false;var showalllistflag=1;var displayarticle=true;function MakeRequest (Url,cateid) {Http_request = false;

I've seen the AJAX application of the 163 mailbox

Ajax NetEase 163 e-MailFrom 163 e-mail, it is easy to see the Ajax figure. Although it really applies Ajax and implementation details to be analyzed, but it is certain that Ajax provided by the asynchronous communication mechanism, has been deeply

Use Os3grid to make a web-based and Ajax payroll entry interface

Ajax|web 1 First make some minor modifications to Os3grid: Add the following code function strlen (str){var Len;var i;len = 0;for (i=0;i{if (Str.charcodeat (i) >255) len+=2; else len++;}return Len;} Then modify the following

Using Ajax to implement an infinite-level directory tree (. NET)

Ajax Using the Ajaxpro frame, the feeling is still relatively easy to use. More in line with their own habits, the whole code is not difficult. is implemented using CSS.The computer on the home can not install Ms SQL, simply use MySQL. On the way to

Ajax Programming Memo--combobox No refresh fill

Ajax| Programming | refresh | no refresh Programming ideas are as follows: 1: Backstage According to the front of the superior department ID, get the corresponding subordinate departments, and then constitute a format for Department Code

Gather some common Ajax framework resource sites

One, browser-based Ajax framework 1, Ajaxcall URL: http://www.ajaxify.com/run/testAjaxCaller/ The library file code is simpler, easier to get started with, and supports scripting debugging. 2. Flash JavaScript Integration Kit URL:

Unlock the Da Vinci Code in AJAX technology life

Ajax Now that Ajax technology is developing rapidly, developers have built a system that invokes a large number of client JavaScript, growing, and complexity. As a result, trying oo technology on JavaScript becomes a means of managing complexity. In

AJAX communication operations JSON data combat

JSON data manipulation server2.php 1 $member [' username '] = "Aseoe"; $member [' password '] = "Aseoe"; $do = $_request[' do ']; 2 $members [' 1 '] [' username '] = "The network of resources"; $

Front-End Ajax Technical Principles

The technology that Ajax contains We all know that Ajax is not a new technology, but a combination of several original technologies. It is a combination of the following technologies. 1. Use CSS and XHTML for presentation. 2. Use the DOM model for

Invoking the SOAP Web service with Ajax: Building a Web Service client (1)

Ajax|web|web Services | client This article describes how to use asynchronous JavaScript and XML (asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX) design patterns to implement a Web browser based SOAP Web service client.AJAX has been widely used in many

AJAX-based Application Architecture Rollup (2)

Ajax| Program | architecture • For example New Xhconn (). Connect ("mypage.php", "POST", "Foo=bar&baz=qux", Fnwhendone); • Open Source License. Maintained by Brad Fults. 3 server-side: multiple languages 3.1 Cross-platform Asynchronous Interface

Ajax hacks-hack 5. Get normal string

Ajax| string Ajax hacks-hack 5. Get normal stringThe normal string is used to manage weather information, stock prices, and other times when you don't use XML.The request object can sometimes be applied to Web applications without using XML:request.

jquery Ajax Satus is 200 but goes into the error callback function

Request load file Data var loadfile=function () { $.ajax ({ URL: ' filepreview.do ', data:{' ID ': ID, ' MD5 ': MD5}, type: ' Post ', dataType: ' json ', Cache:false, success:function (data) { switch (data.statuscode ) {Case 0:

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