jquery Ajax return value and no return value problem

jquery Ajax return values are many types, such as the Html,text,json,xml type, we can be in the AJAXP processing is directly using anonymous functions to directly obtain, the following I collate a jquery Ajax return value of the example for you to

Js+ajax implementation of a * game path algorithm finishing 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Author: llinzzi Date: 2007-05-24 Last year did a little thing, an online webgame, currently only realize a lot of people chat, move, drag screen movement, scene system, etc., can be used as a scene chat room. But it's been thrown away for a year. As

Implement an Ajax-based infinite-level menu

Ajax| Menu There are tutorials all over the place now, and I'm going to focus on a framework that I've been doing myself. Characteristics: Non-flash commit for form (a bit stupid) Supports the MVC framework, which supports traditional Web page

Ajax Basics must read: Some key technologies in Ajax

The main technologies involved in AJAX AJAX architectures: Client:javascript parsing XML, manipulating the DOM to modify HTML pages, JavaScript is the language of OO. Server:servlet + DAO, the service interface can be implemented The following are

atlas-Microsoft Ajax Toolkit (from MSDN Scott Guthrie)

ajax| Microsoft Microsoft has now entered the final RTM milestone at ASP.net 2.0 and the visual Web Developer 2005 release. To achieve ZBB (Zero Bug bounce), Microsoft has locked in the features of these products, focusing on optimizing the final

12 Ajax pop-up-layer effects

12 Ajax pop-up Layer effect JS code, the function is very powerful. Thickbox-based on JQuery, it is lightweight and more efficient to support AJAX. Supports picture and HTML content. Size of about 40k, currently can also be used as WordPress

CuteEditor5.0 installation and its ajax.net with no refresh operation database!

ajax| Data | database | refresh | No refresh Cuteeditor really is a good web online editor, but the 5.0 installation and the previous version is a little different, 5.0 of the cracked version of the download address is: Http://www.seaskyer.net,

Ajax detects if user name is occupied

Ajax Detect if user name is occupiedfunction Geto () {var Ajax=false;try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.xmlhttp");catch (e) {try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");catch (E) {Ajax = FALSE;}}if (!ajax && typeof xmlhttprequest!= '

Ajax Development Example Demo

Ajallerix : AJAX, simple, fast Web image gallery demo; At Novell ajax-microlink Pattern Tutorial : A MicroLink be a link that opens the up content below it. Ajax BBC News RSS Reader : Demo by Nigel Crawley AJAX Chat in Python and Dojo : at

Debate: Is Ajax technology about to decline?

Ajax In Meng's November 21 blog (http://blog.csdn.net/myan/archive/2006/11/21/1402346.aspx), he said he was amazed at Microsoft's newly launched Interface development tool expression, And it predicts that the interface development technology based

Ajax Learning Web site memo [organize yourself]

I. Resource-type Web site 1, Domestic website 1 Ajax China (recommended) A professional AJAX technology site, classification clear, there are a large number of electronic version of the tutorial, as well as Ajax source

A brief analysis of Ajax development Technology in Rails system (2)

Ajax|rails v. Use of link_to_remoteRails has several helper methods to implement Ajax in the template for your view. One of the simplest and most common methods is link_to_remote (). Let's examine a simple Web page-it implements the query time and

Use Ajax.NET to implement no refresh page in static pages

ajax| Static | refresh | no Refresh | page I. INTRODUCTION We know that the ASP.net application fact is running on the server, the user's request to be sent to the remote server, the server executes the local program after the reload page to send

Ajax Tour (1): by prototype

Ajax|javascript Or to decide on the title of Ajax, after all, many people will use this keyword search. Although I think this is just a hype concept, but have to admit that Ajax is more convenient to call. So I'm not going to elaborate on the

How to use AJAX technology to develop Web applications (2)

Ajax|web| program in the previous article, we discussed how to get data from a remote XML file through JavaScript. In this article, we will learn how to deal with the data more complex. As an example, we prepare a set of XML data, dividing the data

Mastering Ajax, Part 1th: Introduction to Ajax

Ajax Brett McLaughlin, writer, editor, O ' Reilly and Associates January 04, 2006 Five years ago, if you didn't know XML, you were an ugly duckling that nobody paid attention to. 18 months ago, Ruby became the center of attention, not knowing that

Ajax and writing Web service scripts using e4x

Ajax|web|web Services | scripts This article briefly introduces the ECMAScript (ECMAScript for xml,e4x) that can be used for XML, which is a simple extension of JavaScript, which makes it very simple to write XML scripts. In this article, the author

How do I learn Ajax tutorials incrementally?

The Ajax| tutorial is now focused on JavaScript and is accelerating consolidation based on a variety of WEB standards (i.e., the already standardized xhtml/css/dom/xml/xslt and XMLHTTP that are standardizing), Ajax is a general designation of this

Developing End-to-end Ajax Applications, part 3rd: Integrating, testing, and debugging applications

In the first two parts of this series, you set up a development environment that consists of the LAMP-style runtime and the Eclipse IDE. Defines a fictional banking scenario to demonstrate important Ajax concepts. It then completes part of the

Developing End-to-end Ajax applications, part 1th: Setting up an AJAX environment with a scenario

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is rapidly becoming a trendy technology that can provide desktop-quality software features for WEB applications running in browsers. Open source software (e.g., linux-apache-mysql-php, LAMP) and Java™2 Platform

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