The problem that IE8 cannot be refreshed every time with Ajax access

Recently, I found that I used ajax to access the background and IE8 to access the background. For the first time, I can return a normal return value. I will not execute the background and will always return the first access result.It's okay to use

Cross-origin Ajax Solution

Recently, in the development process, Ajax is used to asynchronously retrieve images. There is no problem with this function during development. You can test it later and there will be a problem after redeployment. This is the cross-origin issue of

In Ajax programming, it is often necessary to dynamically change the style of interface elements.

In Ajax programming, it is often necessary to dynamically change the style of interface elements, which can be changed through the style attribute of the object.For example, to change the background color to red, you can write as follows:Element.

Ajax _ simple demo. The page contains textbox1 and button1. click the button to return the server time and enter it in textbox1. Refreshing the entire page.

Paste the sample code, which is valid in IE (sogou is ineffective), and others are not tested.       The getdate. ashx page only returns the server time, which is useless. The Code is as follows: Public void processrequest (httpcontext context

Ajax entry notes

Ajax =ASynchronousJAvascript +XML,It is a technology that updates some webpages without the need to reload the entire webpage. By performing a small amount of data exchange with the server in the background, AJAX can implement asynchronous updates

Principles and Applications of AJAX

I. What is Ajax? Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, through interaction with the back-end interface, achieve partial page refresh. Ii. Ajax principles Ajax interacts with the server through XMLHttpRequest (all

Atitit. Ajax bp dwr 3. annotation configuration process summary .....

Atitit. Ajax bp dwr 3. annotation configuration process summary .....   1. Download DWR. Jar 1 M 1 2. Configure the annotation method... web. xml 1 3. class configuration 2 4. Test and view published method 2 5. Import to page 3 6. Use in JS

Ajax sends a POST request

  // Create an Ajax object (compatible with processing) function createxhr () {var xhr = NULL; If (window. XMLHttpRequest) {xhr = new XMLHttpRequest ();} else if (window. activexobject) {xhr = new activexobject ('Microsoft. XMLHTTP ');} return xhr;}

Ajax Study Notes (1)

XMLHTTPRequest object details 1. In Ajax applications, we use the XMLHTTPRequest object to send requests asynchronously. Such requests can be both get and post requests with request parameters. After the request is sent out, the server response will

Summary of Chinese Ajax garbled characters

Ajax Chinese garbled problem summary 5268 people read comments (1) collect and report ajaxurl1_criptservletcallback Server This chapter solves common Chinese problems in Ajax, analyzes the causes of Chinese Garbled text, and how to solve Garbled

Ajax Study Notes (2)

Ii. Prototype library details 1. Use of prototype Library // Import the downloaded prototype. JS File // Directly use the prototype object in your own JS 2. Use the $ () function and $ () function to access HTML elements in the document. $

Upload attachments using Ajax

Using formdata to upload attachments (two methods) VaR Reg = Document. getelementbyid ('reg '); VaR FD = new formdata (REG ); Send (FD); // FD contains common form information and Attachment Information Method 2 VaR mypic = Document.

How to handle XML returned by Ajax

First, generate and output XML documents on the PHP page, and then process XML data in JS: VaR xhr = createxhr (); xhr. onreadystatechange = getinfo; xhr. open ("get ",'. /07. PHP '); xhr. send (null); function getinfo () {If (xhr. readystate = 4 &

Understanding, creation, and application of Ajax technology

Ajax comprehension: 1. ajax is a mechanism between the client and the server, but this mechanism is on the front-end. It uses the idle functions of the front-end to exchange data between the front-end and the back-end, in order to enhance user

Question about the response sequence of multiple Ajax requests

  Note: Mark the source in a prominent place for reprinting.Sometimes, in a business event processing process, you may encounter a button or other events that trigger an action and need to execute more than two Ajax requests, however, you may have

Ajax get post

The reason why Ajax, get, and post parameters are passed and readystate is always 0 (16:33:12) Reprinted token Tags: it reason control code browser Category: Ajax VaR XMLHTTP;VaR htmltext;// Obtain the "XMLHTTP" control through

Ajax verification username and password retrieval reference

1 // JavaScript document 2 function chkname (form) {3 var user = form. user. value; 4 If (user = '') {5 alert ('enter your username'); 6 form. user. focus (); 7 return false; 8} else {9 var url = "foundpwd. PHP? User = "+ User; 10 XMLHTTP. open

Use ajax to verify the user name and password

1 var user = form. Name. value; 2 var Password = form. Password. value; 3 var url = "chkname. php? User = "+ User +" & Password = "+ password; // previously, I only knew That Ajax was used to detect the user name. In the past, I could also detect

JQuery uses Ajax to double-click a Table to make the Table editable and save it to the database.

JQuery uses Ajax to double-click a Table to make the Table editable and save it to the database. Recently, when you are working on a project, you need to double-click the TR of the Table to make the Table row editable to modify the data and save the

In jQuery, the Ajax Post submits a Chinese garbled solution), jqueryajax

Solution for submitting Chinese garbled characters in Ajax Post in jQuery (conversion), jqueryajax Introduction: In the Ajax POST request of jQuery, the request is made. The Chinese characters in the request are displayed as garbled characters in

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