Upload objects or arrays to the backend using Ajax

Ajax cannot directly transmit objects or arrays. If some users process the data themselves, they can connect the data to a string according to their own standards and then process the data at the backend. However, the data is uncertain, this may

Ajax and comet

The core of Ajax technology is the XMLHTTPRequest object (xhr ).XMLHTTPRequest objectCreate an xhr object in the browser as follows and use the XMLHttpRequest constructor.VaR xhr = new XMLHttpRequest ();Xhr usageXhr. Open ("get", "example. php",

Use ajax to communicate with the server to achieve Asynchronous Communication

Ajax = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a technology used to create fast dynamic web pages. By performing a small amount of data exchange with the server in the background, AJAX can implement asynchronous updates on webpages. This means that

How Ajax works

I. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Asynchronous is asynchronous, which is different from the synchronous method used in traditional web development. II:About synchronous and asynchronous Asynchronous transmission is

How to Use Ajax

// 1. $. Ajax asynchronous request with JSON dataVaR AJ = $. Ajax ({URL: 'productmanager _ reverseupdate', // jump to actionData :{Selrollback: selrollback,Seloperatorscode: seloperatorscode,Provincecode: provincecode,Pass2: pass2},Type: 'post

Use of the Ajax. actionlink () method

  The first sentence is written in this way: programmers are hard-pressed and will write blog posts in addition to development! Ah, today I will discuss with you the use of the Ajax auxiliary method actionlink. If there are some bad or wrong places,

The first WCF project and Ajax

Windows Communication Foundation is released as. NET Framework 3.0. Therefore, only version 2008 and later can be used to create a WCF application. WCF is an integration of existing distributed communication technologies, including COM/DCOM,. Net

About the Ajax call for an action that inherits the modeldriven Interface

For example, the model class is as follows: Teacher, Public class teacher {Private integer ID;Priavte string name;Private School;}And school, public class school {Private integer ID;Priavte string name;}The above teacher, school saves the getter and

Ajax asynchronous communication mask scroll bar to prevent concurrency and misoperation

Add a mask to the scroll bar. You must adjust the path of the scroll bar image. Function loading (){VaR divloading = " "; // $ ("Loadingdiv" mirror.css ({"Z-index": "-10", "opacity": "0.5 "}); $ ("Body"). prepend (divloading ); } Disable

Ajax reconstruction XMLHttpRequest

// Refactor XMLHttpRequestVaR net = new object (); // The parameter net. ready_state_uninitialized = 0; net. ready_state_loading = 1; net. ready_state_loaded = 2; net. ready_state_interactive = 3; net. ready_state_complete = 4; net. contentloader =

Experience 17 -- submit button, Ajax submit

I wrote a small article to commemorate the 7th event. Submit is generally used to submit a form. However, if you want to use Ajax for submission, you also want to press the "enter" trigger button. In this case, the form submission event is blocked

Ajax Asynchronous interaction

XML format and text format of Ajax attributes and functions and returned values (2)

(1) JSON format of client request text: received in JSON format, and then parsed by JS (Eval is an object first, and then) var text = this.responseText;var book = eval('('+ text +')');document.getElementById('btitle').value =

Ajax asynchronous request


Self-built ajax Image Upload (not available on the Internet)

Today, I need an Image Upload plug-in, but I have not provided an Image Upload plug-in that suits my needs and is easy to use. So I wrote one by myself. Method 1: only use jquery Code, without third-party plug-ins. The Code is as follows: upload

Differences between ajax request post and get and the selection of get post

The simplest difference: 1. When a Get request is used, the parameter is displayed in the URL, but the Post method is not displayed. 2. A small amount of data is sent using the Get request, and a large amount of data is sent using the Post request. 3

How to pass parameters to functions of the background class in the js ajax Console

Publish the common PAGE method as WebMethod and access it in Javascript format. 1. The method must be public static. The return type is preferably string.2. Add the [WebMethod] feature before the method.3. The Post method must be used for Client

JQuery + ajax + jsonp cross-origin access, jqueryjsonp

JQuery + ajax + jsonp cross-origin access, jqueryjsonp Jsonp (JSON with Padding) is a "usage mode" in json format that allows webpages to obtain information from other domains. For more information about Jsonp, see http://baike.baidu.com/view/4101174

Art. dialog and ajax asynchronous requests, ajax asynchronous requests

Art. dialog and ajax asynchronous requests, ajax asynchronous requests I wrote some code last week, involving jquery asynchronous requests. I would like to summarize it here to help students who are new to programming.   It is used to the art.

Solution to passing garbled Chinese characters through POST or GET in AJAX

Solution to passing garbled Chinese characters through POST or GET in AJAX When AJAX is used in web development to pass a Chinese string, Firefox automatically converts the Chinese string to a hexadecimal character, while IE will directly pass the

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