Rewrite the Ajax method to redirect to the logon page when the asynchronous request session expires

Generally, we will judge the logon status in the filter. If we do not log on, we will jump to the logon page. The core Java code of the filter is as follows: Useritem loginuser = (useritem) request. getsession (). getattribute ("loginuser"); If

Solve Shiro login timeout Ajax request jump

When jqueryeasyui is used, normal requests can jump normally when shrio login times out, while Ajax requests do not jump when login times out. I found some information online, are not clear, and set a lot, you have to write the filter. Inadvertently

The return value for Ajax submission and page prompts in struts is null.

@ OverridePublic String execute () throws exception {If ("NONE". Equals (task )){Httpservletresponse response = servletactioncontext. getresponse ();Response. setcontenttype ("text/html; charset = GBK ");Printwriter out = response. getwriter ();Out.

Call Ajax on the CS side

Private Static String Descoder (){ // Ajax address String Mealfilepath = " Http: // ***/user/setwebsite. aspx " ; Webresponse result = Null ; Webrequest req = Webrequest. Create (mealfilepath); Result = Req. getresponse ();

Ajax access-improving security

Inspired by struts token, the idea of Ajax requests initiated by the client for verification is that the client generates a key for each request, then the server receives the key, and then parses it, determine whether the key is a valid key. If the

Ajax garbled solution Summary

Ajax garbled solution Summary First, JavaScript follows the Java character processing method, and Unicode is used internally to process all characters, Second, UTF-8 is stored in three bytes for each Chinese character (UNICODE character. Third,

Simple use of AJAX

1. Introduction Ajax = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Ajax is the abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is not a new programming language, but a new technology that can create better, faster, and

Struts2 combined with ajax to achieve no refreshing Login

1, Huisheng Management System client API 2 'after the action is submitted, assign the corresponding value session and request public String login() { if(iAdminService.validate(admin.getName(), admin.getPassword())

Use formdata to collect form data to implement Ajax transmission of Post Data

Input data to server Ajax: 1. use Dom to obtain the form value input (F1) 2. use formdata to send Ajax data (F2) (no form, which uses the append () method to add data refer to F3) User name: password: Email:   

Struts2 study notes (8) ------- Ajax support for struts2

Struts2 supports a stream type of result, which can directly respond to binary and text in the client browser, We can generate a text response in the action, and then dynamically load the response on the client page. Let's look at the

Ajax pull-up function

Save --> Save --> Function showcard (){ VaR submitdata = {IMO: $ ("# IMO"). Val (),Type: $ ("# type"). Val (),Taocan: $ ("# taocan"). Val (),Userid: $ ("# userid"). Val (),}; $. Ajax ({Type: "Post ",URL: "{: U ('Card/cord ')}",// URL: "_ root

Ajax Series 4: problem summary

1. the most classic problem is the cache problem in IE. If get is used, a cache problem occurs in IE. The code is executed only once. The solution is to add a timestamp or random number to make the URL unique so that no IEOr change to post for

Ajax supports two data submission methods: Get and post.

Ajax supports two data submission methods: Get and post. The post method can transmit data larger than 2 K. The differences in Ajax applications are: "the request address of the POST method and the transmitted data are put in two objects-the request

Ajax Image Upload

Do not talk nonsense; directly add the Code: You know: , Import Js. upload $ ("# Imgssubmit "). click (function () {imgsupload_video () ;}); function imgsupload_video () {var TF = validator. validate ($ ("# imgfilesupload") [0], 2); If

Ajax-first Knowledge

Looking at the process of DRP, I learned Ajax again, and realized the charm of Ajax more deeply. Ajax is a technology or method. Art. It presents our programs to users in a more perfect fashion. Let's join in the Ajax world. Introduction Full name:

Ajax journey (2) -- XMLHttpRequest

The asynchronous update of Ajax mentioned above is mainly implemented using the XMLHTTPRequest object. the XMLHTTPRequest object can implement partial update of webpages without submitting the entire page to the server. After all the pages are

Ajax dynamic table. You can add, delete, and copy rows in a timely manner.

A dynamic table implemented by Ajax allows you to add data rows, delete data rows, and copy rows in a timely manner. data can be copied or submitted regardless of whether data exists in the row, but you need to work with your submission page. It is

IFRAME and Ajax comparison

Speaking of comparison, I may want to introduce this product to you, but I already have a lot of understanding. Let me simply put it. Ajax: This is a web development technology used to create interactive web applications. It mainly uses the

[Ajax Study Notes] Ajax preliminary test

Ajax stands for asynchronous javaspt and XML. 1. Why Ajax? In general, the interaction between web programs and servers is: the page sends a request waiting for processing by the server, the server processes data, and the user page refreshes the

JQuery Mobile displays the ajax loader manually and prompts loading..., jqueryajax

JQuery Mobile displays the ajax loader manually and prompts loading..., jqueryajax When developing with jQuery Mobile, sometimes we need to display a loading prompt box during the ajax request (for example, a rotating image + a prompt: loading ...).

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