How to solve the back button problem of browsers encountered in Ajax interactive applications

ajax| Button | interactive | browser | Problem AJAX more and more applications to web interaction, but there are some problems with Ajax interaction, such as the traditional web browsing is a page switch, so you can use the browser's Back button and

Reading XML-formatted data with Ajax

ajax|xml| data code:"Http://" >ajax Hello world/>Server.xml[Copy this Code] CODE:hello world!

A preliminary summary of AJAX applications

Ajax There are some actions in the form, in particular, many of the calls to the server-side method functions, which caused the trouble believe that every programmer knows that is the page refresh, both time-consuming and annoying, the head has been

Ajax.NET Submit or return a class

Ajax This is based on the demo written by the Ajax.NET author, the idea is to be able to submit a server-side definition from the client to the server side, the server can return a class to the client, I simplified the author's code, in the ASPX

AJAX: How to handle bookmarks and back buttons

ajax| Button | bookmark This article will showcase an open source JavaScript library that brings bookmarks and back button support to AJAX applications. After completing this tutorial, developers will be able to get solutions to an AJAX problem (not

Ajax return to Chinese garbled multiple solutions

Ajax| Solution | Chinese garbled with Ajax to get back to a page, responsetext inside the Chinese will probably appear garbled, this is because XMLHTTP in the process of returning responsetext, is the resposebody according to UTF-8 encoded into the

[Ajax basic Knowledge]JS Event Trigger Encyclopedia

The js| event triggers the |ajax onactivate when the object is set to the active element. The Onbeforeactivate object is triggered immediately before it is set to the current element. Onbeforecut-Zhong District is fired from the source object before

Ajax Basics Tutorial Sample source code

Basic Tutorials | tutorials | Sample |ajax This article will take you through the basics of Ajax and show you two simple examples to ease your journey. What is AJAX? AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a new term, designed to describe two

Ajax is a good application

Ajax Style= "Cursor:pointer; Text-decoration:underline ">Make a request HTML code: "Http://" >Style= "Cursor:pointer; Text-decoration:underline ">Make a request [Ctrl + A ALL SELECT hint: You can modify some

Ajax form Submission Instance

Ajax| form Submission Yesterday in Csdn stroll, saw a netizen needs to solve some questions about the Ajax form submission, now put an example posted out, hope to the general enthusiasts help.default.aspAjax-Sample1//Please make sure the encoding of

Ajax Chinese garbled solution

Ajax| Solution | chinese | Chinese garbled Solve the problem that the Ajax transfer Chinese will cause garbled If the transfer parameter is directly assigned, it will produce garbled! ("POST", url,true);Http_request.setrequestheader

Ajax gets the fields in the database

ajax| Data | Database CS Returns a field in the database where you can construct your own characters [Ajax.ajaxmethod ()] public static string GetDataSet () { SQLDatabase sqldb=new SQLDatabase (DSN); String Strsql=string.format ("Select * from User

A simple Ajax request class

Ajax| Request In addition to the blog without refreshing search and instant verification detection, and looked at the code, feel too troublesome, the XMLHttpRequest request package into a class inside, use it more convenient, do not remember so much

AJAX Common functions

ajax| function Creating XMLHTTP objects, distinguishing Ie,mozilla browsers[Copy this Code] Code:function Getrequest () {Http_request = false;if (window. XMLHttpRequest) {For browsers such as Mozilla﹑netscape﹑safari, create

Ajax Dynamic Acquisition

Ajax| News var strinfofunction Getajax (){var XmlHttp;Creating object of XMLHTTP in IETry{XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml4.xmlhttp");}catch (E){Try{XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml3.xmlhttp");}catch (E){Try{XmlHttp = newActiveXObject ("Msxml2.

Allow AJAX Web pages to function backwards

Ajax| Web page After doing a project in Ajax, the tester told me that after a lot of pages in the news list, when you look at the details of a piece of news and return to the table of contents, you can't go back to the page number you've turned over,

Llo! Ajax!

Ajax to write your first AJAX program, use the asynchronous way to get text files to the server, and to display, first please prepare an HTML Web page: Helloajaxex-1.html hello! Ajax! Examples... This HTML page will get the

Ajax solves the garbled method when post Chinese.

Ajax| Solution | Chinese A simple example of invoking the servlet with Ajax get and post was in the previous article. In If the input is Chinese, then the return will be garbled. Just then saw a solution to the Ajax in the post Chinese when the

This log collects information about some AJAX frameworks


Ajax|ajax Framework Excellent JavaScript class Library-RicoApache License, a free use of dongdong.Rico ( is an Open-source JavaScript class library used to create rich Internet applications.1, you can easily make a very black

Ajax enables Web pages to display new data without refreshing them

ajax| Data | refresh | page | show With a ajaxpro:1. Add a reference to the reference AjaxPro.dll, I use this, support 1.1 and 2.0. 2. Establishment of HttpHandler in Web.config 3. Create a new class demo, which provides a way to

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