Create an AJAX-style architecture with the IBM WEB 2.0 Feature Pack

This article shows how to use the Ibm®websphere®application Server Feature Pack for WEB 2.0 to enhance java™2 Platform with Ajax-style architecture, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application. Learn how to combine Ajax-style architectures with

Ted Neward predicts that the halo of Ajax is no longer


Ajax| Halo The technical prophecy was translated by Xmatrix and posted on his blog, and the original author was Ted neward,ted Neward, author of effective Enterprise java. 1, the halo of Ajax no longer, people began to realize that there is no new

into also script, defeat also script Ajax worry and inspiration

The ajax| script has been studying Ajax for some time, from the initial view of the distance, to the near look, to the actual hands-on realization, more and more understanding, more and more ideas. In particular, there has been a while running to

Ajax worries and inspirations--scripts, defeats, scripts

ajax| Script The study of Ajax for some time, from the initial view of the distant, to the near, and then to the actual hands-on realization, understanding more and more deep, the idea is more and more. In particular, there has been a while running

My first AJAX program

Ajax| Program Author:zfive5 (Zhaozidong) Friday afternoon the company's website maintenance colleagues asked me how to implement a function, a mentionThere are two select on the delivery page, and the second select changes

Design of the middle-level menu of Web page with Ajax

ajax|web| Menu | design | page Look at the cascading menu of the Big Gorge, I also swim a fish, hehe, took a little time to do a cascade menu paste up to see. In this case, the member name is automatically displayed as soon as you select the member

Three steps to teach you to learn AJAX development applications

Ajax in the eyes of many programmers is a very complex or unfamiliar word, in fact, Ax is not complex, since the Ajax technology came out, the framework of the hype has been introduced, to get technology developers can not, Baidu Google also has

Ajax make Form Validation sample

Ajax functions are mainly used in JS, Ajax does not require ASP, ASP is responsible for the background display and operation of the server data. You can think like this: 1. Write form the first item (such as user name) 2.onblur event (lost focus)

Solve the problem of Ajax caching

Add Xmlhttp.setrequestheader ("If-modified-since", "0") before Ajax sends the request;In the URL home a random number of what, I used the next, not very good. The specific code is as follows: Here's the code:my-A-Ajax programe

Ajax+xml Implementation Dynamic Drop-down navigation menu

XML file for product classification ID is self id,pid to parent category ID 1321 series 43223 series JS Code copy content to clipboard Code: var root;Firefox does not support the selectnodes approach, and finding this code on the Web solves

Application of Flex framework Riawave and thinking of Ajax development framework

Jbpmside to use Flex development process designer and manager, just one of the company's internal projects also applied to flex, probably spent a week to familiarize and understand flex. It found that flex development and Ajax development of many

Mastering Ajax, part 10th: data transfer using JSON

Manipulating JavaScript objects in native mode Introduction: When sending and receiving information in an asynchronous application, you can choose to use plain text and XML as the data format. This issue of mastering Ajax discusses another useful

Solution to only return cached content when Ajax page parameters are the same

Solution to only return cached content when Ajax page parameters are the same Often use Ajax to write some pages without refreshing content to get the page, this approach is very convenient, but one of the problems is that if the two submitted

Ajax Combat: Managing multiple Event callbacks

Before implementing our own solution, let's start with a simple example to understand the problem. Code Listing 4-7 shows a simple Web page in which a large div area responds to mouse movement events in two ways. Code Listings 4-7 mousemat.html

Three of the full solution of Ajax technology

Ajax Application Scenarios 1. Form-driven interaction Traditional form submission, after the text box input, click the button, the background processing finished, the page refresh, and then look back to check whether the refresh result is correct.

Using AJAX and Wsrf::lite in combination

Before you start About this series This tutorial is a follow-up to the top two tutorials on wsrf::lite. The first tutorial, "Building ws-resources with Wsrf::lite", describes WSRF, ws-addressing standards, and Wsrf::lite (which is a WSRF

How to use AJAX technology to develop Web applications (3)

In this third part of the Ajax series, we will learn how to use AJAX with the server to write and how these technologies can produce powerful Web applications. If you're interested in learning how to build a Web program like Gmail or Google Maps,

Ajax Learning Notes (ii)

Today I saw the attributes of XMLHttpRequest: onReadyStateChange This event is triggered when the state is changed, and JavaScript functions are usually invoked. Status has 5 values: 0: Uninitialized.  1: Loading.  2: Already loaded.  3: the

Discussion on error handling mechanism of Ajax

The core of the AJAX framework component is the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object, which allows the client developer to send and receive XML documents over HTTP without disrupting user action and without exploiting hidden pages. Now, some people may

Ajax is not a mystery: revealing all kinds of AJAX controls and class libraries

AJAX control and class library now really too much, unknowingly added to the mystery and complexity of Ajax, see a lot of people in the version of this puzzle and worry, decided to send this post to talk about my view of Ajax, I hope to let you have

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