Node.js Chat Program How to implement AJAX long-polling Long link refresh mode _javascript skills

Nonsense don't say much, start today's theme. Looking at this program, the most valuable thing is to show how to use Nodejs to implement long link mode refresh technology. (This program is not detailed, focus on this feature) Client.js First look at

Jquery+ajax implementation of mouse click to modify the content of ideas _jquery

The code for a row in an existing table looks like this:The results can be seen under the specific 51 search display, combined with xunsearch full-text search technology, you can achieve a millisecond-level data search 2

jquery Learning Notes Ajax Operations (ii)-Data transfer _jquery

Request data We can use GET, POST two ways to request data backwards, here in PHP, for example, suppose there is a test page age.php, used to return age information, the content is: if (isset ($_request[' name ')) && $_request[' name '] = =

Different examples of Ajax and post processing JSON in jquery compare _jquery

In the recent user comments on the portal, a long time did not use jquery just use, did not expect to use the Post method to deal with Ajax callback JSON data, anyway, the background is a JSON returned. Unexpectedly so small a problem hang me for

jquery's way of loading a piece of text content via Ajax _jquery

This article illustrates the way jquery uses Ajax to load a piece of text content. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This is the W3school official website provides a simple example, pay attention to the

Jquery+ajax validation does not also submit form problem handling _jquery

Validationengine gives us a lot of work to do with the form validation for the front end. In most cases we use validationengine to validate forms in several ways: 1 Use a normal form submission. This situation validationengine validation does not

The Ajax get, post and other methods in jquery are detailed _jquery

The Load () method is often used to get static data files from the Web server, but this does not reflect the full value of Ajax. In a project, if you need to pass some parameters to the page in the server, you can use either the $.get () or the

Detailed usage of $.get, $.post, $.getjson and $.ajax in jquery _jquery

When we write the Ajax program with JavaScript "Happy", suddenly someone tells you there is a thing called jquery, it will tell you not directly and HttpRequest is how happy, at the same time you no longer need to worry about the tangled Ajax

Front Desk JS Change session value (implemented with Ajax) _javascript tips

first, the HTML code : Copy Code code as follows: JS Code : Copy Code code as follows: var comparecontent= "The value you want to change"; if (comparecontent!= "") { document.getElementById ("Compareiframe"). src =

Ajax that encapsulates jquery request global configuration _jquery

Summary: jquery has become the most common JS library in the project, and it is also the most favorite library in the front-end development. Here's the Ajax that encapsulates the jquery in the project and share it with everyone. Code: Copy

Jquery+ajax implement no Refresh drop load more _jquery

With the development of the Internet age, the Web front-end has been linked to the background data, as the Web front-end is not only cut-write html,css and simple JS interaction. JS Code $ (function () {var page = 1; var discount = $ ('

Ajax does not rely on back-end interfaces to implement scenarios _javascript tips

the question is, what's the situation? There are more Ajax requests in the Web page, or AJAX is used to exchange data with the backend at the beginning of the application. (That's what I'm currently involved in.) N-Interface debugging is a hassle

Jqplot method and thinking of dynamic drawing line chart through Ajax _javascript skill

As shown in the picture, each five-second diagram will be moved once (in fact, a redraw of the picture) to display the monitored CPU information. The Pastcpuinfomation function is mainly used to display a line chart The Updatecpupic function

Javascript Ajax Asynchronous read RSS document specific implementation _javascript skills

RSS is an xml-based file standard that can be easily shared between Web sites through XML files that conform to the RSS specification. Ajax is the abbreviation for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax technology allows a request to be made to a

Native JavaScript encapsulates an AJAX function to share _javascript tips

The most recent work involves a lot of Ajax operations, and I should have done the backstage thing. The Ajax function that is now used is encapsulated by a backstage person-but he is also based on jquery Ajax, so the function of leaving jquery has

How Ajax uses Jqchart to display charts after reading data _javascript tips

This example describes how Ajax uses Jqchart to display charts after reading data. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Recent projects need to display a chart effect, the original collection of the chart

Ajax usage examples in JavaScript analysis _javascript skills

The examples in this article describe Ajax usage in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: To obtain XMLHttpRequest objects in a compatible way: var xhr = null; if (window. XMLHttpRequest)

JavaScript is based on Ajax editing information usage examples _javascript tips

The examples in this article describe the way JavaScript edits information based on Ajax. Share to everyone for your reference. as follows: Requires prototype.js function edit (action, obj) {element.hide (obj); var textarea = ' "; var button =

JavaScript jquery and Ajax summary _javascript tips

In fact, before learning, it has been used js,jquery and Ajax, but at that time did not know the difference, all as JS look, and then others said Jquery,ajax feel like very advanced, wait until their own study time, but for these clearer a little,

Get uploaded image information via JS (temporary save path, name, size) and then pass Ajax to the backend method _javascript tips

Project requirements: How to get uploaded image information via JS (temporary save path, name, size) and then pass Ajax to the backend The main question is to use jquery to receive The method used is: var input =

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