JavaScript jquery and Ajax summary _javascript tips

In fact, before learning, it has been used js,jquery and Ajax, but at that time did not know the difference, all as JS look, and then others said Jquery,ajax feel like very advanced, wait until their own study time, but for these clearer a little,

Examples of the differences between JS and Ajax get and post in use _javascript skills

The biggest difference between get and post methods is that: The 1.get method passes the value parameter inside the URL, and the post parameter is sent inside the send method must be added Xmlhttp.setrequestheader ("Content-type",

Using AJAX to implement examples of Web page progress bars sharing _javascript Tips

The use of the progress bar is already very common during the installation and downloading of applications. A progress bar can be used to identify the progress of a project, can be expressed as a percentage or a number, and can be placed

BOOTSTRAP-WYSIWYG combining Ajax to realize real-time refresh of picture upload _javascript skills

Recently due to project requirements, to implement a front-end text editing box, with the image upload real-time view of the function. Compared with several plug-ins on the web, the first is Baidu's ueitor, found that the framework is too large, a

Pure JS realizes waterfall Flow layout and Ajax dynamic new data _javascript skill

This article uses the pure JS code to write a waterfall streaming page effect, the initial realization of a basic waterfall flow layout, as well as scrolling to the bottom of the simulation AJAX data load new image features. Disadvantages: 1. The

Two solutions for adding forward/backward capabilities to AJAX applications using Dojo

Introduction: The most obvious feature of Ajax-based WEB applications is the use of the native-supported XMLHttpRequest object in the browser with the backend server for data communication, because this type of communication does not require page

Prototype guide to the use of learning manuals ajax.js

Like many developers who used this class library before, I had to dive into reading Prototype.js's source code and experimenting with its functionality. Prototype in the Ajax.js provides a very useful AJAX framework, the general application of the

How to use AJAX framework dojo on Domino

As a Domino developer, the development of browser applications is an important part of this. However, there are many new techniques and methods in browser application development. How to apply these new technologies and methods to the domino

The use of MooTools method in Ajax

Core.js Function: $extend Copy all the properties of the second parameter object to the first parameter object. Functions: $merge Merging a group of objects to generate a new object Functions: $each iteration groups (including unconventional

Ajax interacts with WCF-json

There is a DataContractJsonSerializer formatter in WCF serialization, which makes WCF more of an input-output encoding format than the traditional XML Web Serice: JSON. This article describes how to use JSON to implement data interaction between

Gossip Ajax pass Chinese appear garbled

Say two days ago, a project in order to invoke ashx through Ajax (general handler), and pass a series of parameters, this parameter contains some Chinese, in fact, has been used, did not find any problems, but the two days suddenly appear in Chinese

Develop advanced tutorials Using Dojo's AJAX applications, part 1th

With the popularity of Ajax applications, the JavaScript language gets more and more attention. Developers are also increasingly using JavaScript. JavaScript is no longer just used to add some fancy effects to the page, it has become an important

Ajax+svg Realize Real-time monitoring chart

Objective AJAX already has a lot of articles about its principle and its application. But unfortunately there is not a lot of actual project application now. This article combines the application of the project with the use of AJAX and SVG

Ajax makeover, part 1th: Improving existing sites with Ajax and jquery

Ajax technology has changed the appearance of large commercial web applications, but many smaller web sites do not have enough resources to rebuild the full user interface (UI). Some of the new features of Ajax can solve real-world interface

Warning! The security problem of Ajax technology should not be neglected

Forum systems, an XML security vendor, last month warned of security issues, and he believes that as more and more Ajax-style applications emerge, many organizations need to consider potential security flaws and performance issues. "We are not

Ajax programming in Bea WebLogic Portal 8.1 part 2nd

Edit Note: This article describes the details of the underlying AJAX programming in WebLogic Portal 8.1. This is not related to the current beta version of the WebLogic Portal 9.2.Summary Ajax is an asynchronous programming paradigm that enables

Ajax Basics Tutorial (4)-Implementing basic AJAX Technology 4.9 providing automated completion

One of the most popular features we encounter is automatic completion. Many people have used tools such as Intuit's Quicken and are fascinated by the functionality of its registry, which fills in information based on previous entries. This makes

Ajax Basics Tutorial (4)-Implementing basic Ajax Technology 4.4 Creating an automatic refresh Page

Stock quotes, weather data, headlines ... These are frequently changed data but are not worth the manual full refresh of the page for these data modifications. Although sites like do periodically reload, it can be frustrating to redraw an

Ajax Basics Tutorial (2)-How to send a simple request using XMLHttpRequest Object 2.6

You are now ready to start using the XMLHttpRequest object. We've just discussed how to create this object, and here's how to send a request to the server and how to handle the server's response. The simplest request is to send no information to

Ajax Basics Tutorial (2)-Using XMLHttpRequest Object 2.5 remote Scripting

We've covered Ajax, so let's talk a little about remote scripting. You might think, "What's the big deal about Ajax?" I've already done the same thing with IFRAME. "In fact, we have used this method ourselves," he said. This is commonly referred to

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