Summarizing AJAX-related JS code snippets and browser models

ajax|js| Browser In. NET development, it is good to make full use of free controls, but if you cannot modify the control to meet your own needs, you will need to use JS Dafa, provided that you study the method properties of the various objects of

Fundamentals of Ajax Tutorial

Ajax This period of time in learning Ajax, before today to the company colleagues to explain the basic principles, but also casually put on the internet for your reference.I think Ajax simply means that the client gets the server-side text through

Ajax (IFRAME) No refresh submit form, upload file

To save the form through Ajax, everything OK, test also passed, but found that the file did not upload success! Then there is the question of whether to upload files with Ajax. Look through the data and get the result: noBut at the same time also

jquery combines Ajax to load data from the server as the page scrolls

This article mainly introduces jquery combined with Ajax in the page scrolling from the server load data, the sample server end of the C # program, the need for friends can refer to the Brief introduction The text will show you how to download

jquery call Ajax when get and post public garbled

  before in Sina Blog wrote JS call Ajax when get and post garbled solution, but the use of JS code is more cumbersome, we use AJAX for data interaction can use JS a mature framework---jQuery.   The design of a website, whether registering or

The garbled of Get and post when JS calls Ajax


  When using "get", the crawled page is finally encoded with the encoding type   Code as follows: success

Example of data binding using the Ajax local refresh GridView

  Many users have this need, such as: Click the button, refresh the data in the GridView, rather than the page refresh. With simple XMLHttpRequest, you can directly implement The code is as follows: The code is as follows:

Ajax implementation of asynchronous refresh to verify that the user name is already in a specific way

  Because to make a registration page, see many Web sites are using Ajax asynchronous refresh to verify that the user name is available, so do a small example yourself Are simple examples, so direct send code static page ajax.html code as

Ajax Form Validation Implementation code

Compatible: Opera 9.6 + Chrome 2.0 + FF 3 + IE 6 effect: Verify while entering one side Image Environment: Ruby 1.8.6 + rails 2.1.0 + Windows Core code: HTML: browser disables JavaScript when displaying a message: copy code code as follows:

Ajax Local Refresh Application case

The  ajax local refresh has been introduced in previous articles, and the following is a login example to introduce its specific use Apart, directly to the code, believe that need is the code rather than nonsense a bunch of ...... code:

Six myths about Ajax

What exactly is Ajax? is a method that is not too easy to master, but can increase the interactivity of the website? is the cornerstone of Web2.0? or another round of network development in the bandwagon? Just like the previously popular flashing

Ajax page Effects mimic the Yii framework written by yourself


  This article mainly introduces its own Ajax page-flipping effect, imitating the YII framework, the need for friends can refer to the following Code as follows:

Web2.0 years: Ten reasons to use AJAX technology

Ajax|web|web2 In a conservative sense, Ajax is now a technology that is hot enough to be hot. No one can deny that it has a large number of supporters. On CNN, it grew into a rudimentary technology from a February-century term to October. Therefore,

Development of DataGrid control based on Ajax.NET technology

Ajax|datagrid|datagrid Control | Control development    The DataGrid in this article is a client-side control built using JavaScript and technology.  First, IntroductionThe DataGrid you want to create in this article is a client control. It

Discussion on an improved method of Ajax performance

Ajax| Performance   First, the introduction In Web Forms, we use Ajax to invoke the server-side method from the client (through JavaScript), while the XMLHttpRequest call is made inside Ajax. I tested some AJAX functions that were implemented in

Building better Web applications with Ajax technology

ajax|web| Program    First, IntroductionAsynchronous Javascript+xml, or Ajax, is a Web development technology that creates interactive Web applications. This program uses JavaScript and XML to submit server requests from the client, and it only

Speak with the truth! AJAX application Development Seven Deadly Sins

Ajax| Program AJAX bandwagon is a good place to be. It brings you faster, more efficient, more dynamic applications. But it also has its own flaws. At the junior level, having some common sense seems to be able to avoid these flaws, to some extent,

Classic extract: The security of Ajax technology should not be neglected

Ajax| Safety | issues Forum systems, an XML security vendor, last month warned of security issues, and he believes that as more and more Ajax-style applications emerge, many organizations need to consider potential security flaws and performance

Beginner's Primer: AJAX applications require component technology for support

Ajax Now Ajax technology is hot, a variety of frameworks, all kinds of conceptual, introductory articles, all of the basic Ajax has been elaborated and implemented, but the real in-depth and large-scale application of Ajax will know that Ajax once

Ajax Apps with title updates

Ajax An application here is perfect for updateprogress applications. Designed to give the user a better display of results. You can refer to the effect: update procedure displayed by the login. The code is as

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