Summarizing AJAX-related JS code snippets and browser models

ajax|js| Browser In. NET development, it is good to make full use of free controls, but if you cannot modify the control to meet your own needs, you will need to use JS Dafa, provided that you study the method properties of the various objects of

Fundamentals of Ajax Tutorial

Ajax This period of time in learning Ajax, before today to the company colleagues to explain the basic principles, but also casually put on the internet for your reference.I think Ajax simply means that the client gets the server-side text through

Ajax Submission Form: Initializing a list of records with Ajax query results form

It is also convenient to initialize a record list form using the list array, with an example of Ajax queries and pagination. Pagination Control Pageobj initialization parameter {uid: "", List: ""} is required, the remainder can use default

Essence: Ajax Development is abbreviated (Part One)

ajax| Essence What is your browser doing when browsing the web in a browser when the page is slow to refresh? What is your screen content? Yes, your browser is waiting to refresh, and your screen content is blank, and you wait in front of the screen

Ajax asynchronous Transmission: IBM Guide-How AJAX is transmitted

IBM has just released a guide to the way Ajax is transmitted, which talks about using three ways to XMLHTTP, script tags, and frames or iframes. For these three modes, the author most appreciate the script tags, its loading process is this var

Getting Started with Ajax basics

1. What is Ajax?The Ajax full name is asynchronous JavaScript and XML, an abbreviation for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax technology is used to create Web sites for interactive Web applications, and for what is asynchronous, the text will be

Ajax Implementation Progress bar

An AJAX implementation of the progress bar, the following code: ajax Progress ajax Progress Bar example Launch long-running Process:

Some misunderstandings in Ajax

This article is about some of the myths about Ajax, to dig through the mist and uncover the truth.Myth One: AJAX is the abbreviation for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. When you write this word, you should spell it in capital letters or you'll be

Ajax Caching problems

Ajax caching can reduce the unnecessary burden of frequent access to the server, but at the same time, it also brings some special business logic can not meet the problem.For example:You need a select Drop-down list at the front desk as an AJAX

Innovation comes from understanding easy to build your own AJAX framework

This article is just a basic AJAX framework, although AJAX is not a new technology, but as a framework is not an article can explain the white. The purpose of this article: to help beginners learn better and use the AJAX framework. I always believe

An example of WebService service and Ajax use tutorial

This article sample source code or material download Digression:. WebService technology has several years of history, about the theoretical knowledge of the foundation, omitted here, does not say. The Ajax technology that has been fired recently

Web page standards and AJAX knowledge from Gmail

ajax|w3c| Standard | Web page There is no denying that the standards of the Web-site are really appealing when they come out. At that time because of the emergence of Firefox, the impact of the browser market, so that everyone in order to a small

Google Reader of Ajax case studies

Ajax|google Google ReaderIt's another Google Ajax app that used to be mistaken for a browser plugin, so it didn't pay attention. Yesterday in Netizen Jared remind to go to open a only then see a bar. Hurriedly crack the code, because just opened

Ajax propaganda and the status quo: technology to change the portal experience

Ajax Richard Monson-haefel, senior analyst at Burton Group in Midvale, Utah, said that when it comes to the hype about rich Internet applications (Rich Internet application, RIA) technology, Even less is better. This technology can greatly promote

A new method of ajax:web application development

Ajax|web Original: What is Ajax Abbreviation for asynchronous JavaScript + XML (asynchronous JavaScript + xml). Ajax is not some kind of new technology, but a novel method of

Ajax Development Brief

Ajax Directory:One, Ajax definitionIi. status quo and problems to be solvedThird, why use AjaxFour, who is using AjaxFive, use Ajax to improve your designExample 1: Data validationExample 2: On-demand data-cascading menuExample 3: Reading external

Interaction with server controls in Ajax.NET

ajax| Server | interaction | control It was nice to have an AJAX component on the web for the last two days. But then I started to think how can I let it interact with the server control, for example, I output a list, only with JS one HTML output?

The pain of Web site promotion-using AJAX and friends with the. NET Web site to notice

ajax| Promotion Pre-order My site is, an IT price search engine, a new search engine that targets all online goods on the Internet, and provides search services to all potential consumers. The original web site design using AJAX,

A good example of an AJAX paging

The style can be customized, the call is simple, look directly at the example, the effect of the figure is as follows: ajax Paging

Development of DataGrid control based on Ajax.NET technology

Ajax|datagrid|datagrid Control | Control development    The DataGrid in this article is a client-side control built using JavaScript and technology.  First, IntroductionThe DataGrid you want to create in this article is a client control. It

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