Optimization Strategies in android game development

Drawing optimization:1. Dirty rectangle: it is a waste to redraw the entire background image every time. In fact, only a few of the two frames have changed, therefore, only the changed part can be repainted. This is a common method of drawing

Opening of Android bar in Tokyo, Japan

  There are some very distinctive bars in Tokyo, all of which have their own styles and themes, such as Linux bars and 8bit bars. People can have a drink while playing 8 bit games at 8 bit bars. What's amazing now is another android bar, which is

Tower guard game Android defensive warfare updated to v1.2

During this time, I have been learning about andengine and developed a tower guard game "android defensive warfare". Can be learned and used :) The following is an introduction to the game. If you are interested, you can come and play it.

Various styles of chic Android T-shirts

A T-shirt with an android image should be deeply loved by Android fans, right? And now it's entering the hot summer, this kind of T-shirt is not only comfortable and cool, but also very cool. Let's look at these patterns. There are all kinds of

Android service learning notes

  1. What is service? The service is running in the backgroundCode.It can run in its own process,It can also run in other applicationsProgramContext of the process (Context)., Which depends on your own needs. Other components canBind to a service(

Android nine patch image and button background

Ninepatchdrawable draws a scalable bitmap image. Android automatically adjusts the size to accommodate the displayed content. In one example, ninepatch is used as the background. With the standard Android button, the button must be scaled to

Android debugging tools and methods

Logcat Dump a system message log. These messages include the stack trace when the simulator throws an error. Android log A logging class used to write messages to log files on the simulator. If you run logcat on ddms, you can view messages in real

Android digital signature learning notes

All applications installed on the Android systemProgramA digital certificate is required to identify the author of an application and establish a trust relationship between the application. If the protectionlevel of a permission is signature, only

Android style and themes

Android XML style and topic file writing involve the entireProgramOne of the factors that make the interface look beautiful. Better Application style and themes can achieve a beautiful and unified interface, which is like CSS in Web development.

Android introduces third-party jar packages

Third-party external jar library files can be used on the Android platform. In the eclipse development environment, the third-party. jar file can be used in only three steps:1. on the package explorer panel, right-click and choose Properties From

Communication between Android threads

Recently, I have found some information about Android thread communication, sorted it out, and made a simple example. Andriod provides handler and logoff to satisfy inter-thread communication. For example, if a sub-thread downloads an image from the

Call mechanisms of Android ontouchevent, onclick, and onlongclick

For a view control on the screen, how does Android differentiate whether an ontouchevent, onclick, or onlongclick event should be triggered? In Android, a user operation can be processed by different views in order, and a UI operation that

We recommend a series of excellent Android development source code.

------------------------------------ Content :------------------------------------------------------Topic categories: I. Android development books recommended: http://book.apkbus.com/ 2, Android development featured source code recommended:

How Android draws a view

When an activity receives a focus, it is required to draw its layout. The android framework will deal with this painting process, but the activity must provide its layout level root node. Painting starts from the root node of the layout. It is

Basic Android knowledge

Android features: Application FrameworkEnabling reuse and replacement of components Dalvik Virtual MachineOptimized for mobile devices Integrated BrowserBased on the open source WebKit Engine Optimized graphicsPowered by a custom 2D graphics

Android process and thread

When a component runs for the first time, Android starts a process. By default, all components and programs run in this process and thread. You can also schedule components to run in other processes or threads.Process The processes run by the

Android UI event processing

On the Android platform, there are many ways to capture user trigger events on the interface. The View class provides these methods. When you use various view views to layout the interface, you will find several common callback methods to capture

Android Message notification

Android supports toast and icationicationmanager notification methods. The former is equivalent to a timed closed dialog box, and the latter displays a message on the status bar. Both toast and notification can be canceled at any time.   Toast A

How to perform android unit testing

How to perform android unit testing    Add the following to menifest. xml:Add:Join outside:Android: Label = "test for my app"/> Write unit test code: it must inherit from androidtestcase classPackage name. feisky. Android. test;  Import Android.

Android program decompilation Method

 APK File Format   Android Application Package file. Every application to be installed on the Android platform must be compiled into a single file with the suffix .apk, which contains the binary code, resources, and configuration files of the

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