Android cannot start the simulator

Updated to the latest SDK and CDT a few days ago However, the simulator cannot be started, but it is only one of them. Deleting and re-creating the AVD will not work. Later I found out that based on what warning said: Emulator: Error: cocould not

Thread_id must be set for system SMS messages above Android 2.0. I am dizzy.

1. smsprovider. Java If (threadid = NULL) | (threadid = 0) & (address! = NULL) {values. Put (SMS. thread_id, threads. getorcreatethreadid (getcontext (), address ));} Threads. getorcreatethreadid after calling this function, you can find contacts

Android app package name Modification

Since sometimes it is necessary to meet the requirements of the SB marketProgramPay attention to the irrelevant parts. Put them under the same packagename. Otherwise, it will be difficult to modify and prone to errors. Modify the package name as

Precautions for developing sub-apps (or plug-ins) in Android

The sub-application (or plug-in) mentioned here is also an independent APK, but it cannot exist out of the main application, that is If you download and install a sub-application, there is no use value, but it only occupies the space of the mobile

Use Android crash logs to locate Problems

No meaningful files were left during project packaging and obfuscation, resulting in crash logs reported by the operations team (the most typical is Google Play ), It is difficult to locate the problem because many of the logs are obfuscated

How to debug the Android system app online

Note that the signature must be consistent. Otherwise, installation and debugging cannot be performed. Here we use the default signature of the SDK (that is, the automatically generated package of eclipse). Click Run the button to generate the APK

Get the height of the status bar in Android

/** ** @ Param Activity * @ Return > 0 success; */ Public Static Int Getstatusheight (activity ){ Int Statusheight = 0 ; Rect localrect = New Rect (); activity. getwindow (). getdecorview (). Getwindowvisibledisplayframe (localrect)

Errors running builder 'android pre compiler' on

Today, this error always occurs when exporting a project. This is the case after repeated import and refresh operations... The reference Android. jar file cannot be found in the project file, and the ADT and SDK are normal again, and the existing

Android auto-start

1. Add the following permissions to the manifest. xml file: 2. In manifest. XML, add the author declaration: . bootreceiver "> 3. Compile the bootreceiver class and add the corresponding processing logic to its onreceive.      

1. Android kernel Compilation Method

Many Google Android users want to port it to the relevant hardware platform before gphone is available. I read a lot online Article The general feeling is: a master hacker of openmoko took the farthest step in this step. Ben "Benno" Leslie, who

Android debugging. So Library File

From: The debugging procedure is as follows:1. Save the abnormal address information to a text file and store it in the project root directory;2. Use panic. py to parse the file;3/debug Based

Pai_^ is a bug in the android framework.

Someone submitted the bug Description: Id = 3484 Symptom: If you add linearlayout as a view to the root directory, but this linearlayout does not have a subview, The following error is returned

Problems with downloading Android source code

1. tips: ... A new repo command (1.18) is available.... You shoshould upgrade soon: CP/users//android_4.2_src/. repo/users//bin/Repo Error: failed to connect to 2404: 6800: 4008: c01: 52: No route to host while accessing

Benefits of creating a view using code in Android

ArticleDirectory Postscript: UsageCodeTo create a view, you do not use XML to construct the view of the activity or every itemview in the listview (as shown below ), Public Class Helloworld Extends Activity { Private

Android-support-v4.jar obfuscation Error

Obfuscated the project, but found the following errors: [Java] Warning: Android. Support. v4.view. Accessibility. accessibilitynodeprovidercompatjellybean $ 1 : Can ' T find superclass or interface Android. View. Accessibility.

It seems that the. So file cannot be directly added to the android jar package.

If you directly place a XXX. So file in/libs/armeabi in a jar file and export it as a jar package, such as A. jar, In an androidProgramTo reference this A. jar file, the following error occurs during compilation: The library 'a. jar' contains

Download Android source code

[Update] The address of the new version has been modified:$ repo init -u Download and configure git and repo according to official documents, $

The. DB-Wal file in the android text message database and contact data

Android 2.3 began to adopt SQLite 3.7, while SQLite 3.7 began to introduce Wal mode (write ahead log), a new transaction control mechanism, So we will see the. DB-Wal file format in the System text message and contact database ,. The purpose of the

Obtain locally installed applications on Android

Enter the above keywords + android on Google, and you can find the code: List packs = getPackageManager().getInstalledPackages(0);   Although some code claims to be able to filter out the system's own applications, as long as you look at the code,

Taskdef class com. Android. Ant. newsetuptask cannot be found

The ADT and SDK are updated to the latest in the past two days, but the problem occurs during packaging. It is referenced in my ant file: Later, I used JD-Gui to check whether com. Android. Ant. newsetuptask was found in

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