Causes and solutions for Android force close

There are many causes for force close. Common causes include null pointers, class not found, and resource not found, even the order of Android API usage may be incorrect (for example, the findviewbyid () operation was performed before setcontentview)

Download Android. Jar source code using git

Reprinted from doyee and finally edited doyee To develop Android applications, the SDK does notSource codeIn this way, it is too troublesome during development. The following describes how to download the sourceCodeAnd how to configure.

A simple list application in Android

I thought using list in Android should be a simple task, but -- I am wrong! I have been reading books, followed by book examples.ProgramI learned to write a list, but I still have no skills. Today, I suddenly saw a video tutorial, and I felt a

Summary of problems related to multithreading in Android

Today I found a strange bug. I opened a logic thread myself. Then Android comes with n threads that everyone knows. In The onclick event responseCodeThe block is executed by a thread in the Android system. So I searched for half a day and found

About Android double-click events

Hello everyone, I believe everyone knows that there is a method in the API for the android double-click event, but it must be available in the activity. You may have different opinions on using the double-click event API without using Android.

Download Android source code on the latest Windows platform (to + original)

The first thing to switch is to download the location and Method Portal Then about the recent open the problem I found that many people say it

Download Android source code on Windows

I. Preparations 1. Download The msysgit Tool Git client in WindowsProgram,: Http:// See: 2. Install the msysgit Tool See: 3. Create a folder on the disk To store the android source code

Some Opinions on choosing mobile development platforms (Android, IOS, WP7)

First, the statement only represents my opinion. Please do not read this with emotionArticle. First, I will reference my friend's analysis: If there is another company with a new platform emerging from next month, even if it is completely

Details about Android togglebutton

Most people may have used the view togglebutton. It is easy to use to implement a listener after initialization. However, when you first enter the interface, togglebutton will display a "off ". Many people may want to change it. togglebutton.

Use Android progressbar and toast to generate an Interface

First, I need such an interface. This interface is displayed by using audiomanager. adjuststreamvolume (INT streamtype, int direction, int flags). Remember to pass audiomanager. flag_show_ui to flags. Otherwise, the voice of a stream is

Comparison between the android SDK version and version name and a programming tips

A few days ago, in order to solve a problem, we reversed a small tool software. I have found some useful things in this process. I would like to share with you here. First, declare a few points: 1. The reverse Code requires a lot of manual analysis.

Android source code structure

Introduction When using the andriod SDK for application development, we need to debug the source code. It may need to go to an android API function for tracking and debugging. However, if the SDK of the target version is not associated with the

Class Library for loading GIF animation in Android

I haven't written a blog for a long time. I feel that I can't accumulate knowledge if I don't write anything. However, these days have been hard-working and have encountered learning bottlenecks, so the blog has not been updated. However, in the

The android program summarizes the adaptability of screen resolutions of different mobile phones

Mobile phones in various Android operating systems are a wide array of screens, and the differences in screen resolutions can be imagined. Currently, WVGA = 800x480, hvga = 480x320, and qvga = 320x240. Of course, there are also meizu M9 dvga = 960x64

Android mobile view animation Problems

It is not an ordinary trouble to write an animation for Android. After searching for it online for a long time, I finally solved the animation problem and summarized the record to encourage everyone. The vertical direction is similar.   Complete

About Android multi-touch

Recently, a multi-touch scaling function is required. Then I checked the information online and summarized it as follows: First, the android SDK version is very important. For example, if you specify Android: minsdkversion = "4" in androidmanifest.

Android issue history

1. Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on SolutionIn the eclipse menu window-> preferences-> Android-> build, findDefault debug keystoreThe displayed path is debug. the keystore file (expired) has expired. Therefore, you only

Problems with Android code generation Layout

Some old layout codes are written in XML, which are developed with the depth of layout and some dynamic characteristics. Writing layout with code is also a necessary method. For example, you can set a number in the configuration file to

Android image rotation

  Android image rotation is an old topic, but you need to think about how to solve it easily and quickly without any bugs. First, let's review the APIS provided by Android image rotation. 1. Matrix 2. Animation To put it bluntly, the core of

Android video playback

Today, the content is to add a video to the game for playing the opening company logo. Requirements: 1. Do not display the player-type "start", "pause", "Fast forward", and "Quick Return" buttons. 2. After playing the video, the event listener must

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