) Android title bar progress indicator usage

For example, when a browser of Android loads a webpage, a small circle in the upper right corner of the title bar may rotate continuously because it does not contain the specific progress, many netizens may not find detailed operation methods in the

Android layout learning-mixed use of linear layout and relative Layout

XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> Linearlayout Xmlns: Android = "Http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" Android: Orientation = "Vertical" Android: layout_width = "Fill_parent" Android: layout_height =

) Android Tutorial: how to use a Custom font

It is quite troublesome to implement custom fonts on other platforms, but it is very easy on Android platforms. First, place the Custom font under "assets" and instantiate it before use. The font file is shown in. InProgramTo instantiate the

) Add a new driver to the android kernel and add it to the menuconfig menu. [Practice Notes]

Add a new driver for the android kernel and provide menuconfig options Add a driver for Linux kernel 2.6.25 of Android. 1. Add the hello directory under the drives directory, containingHello. c kconfig makefileHello. C content:# Include #

Android intent filter-judge whether intent matches the object

Android intent filter-judge whether intent matches the object I. Intent receiving PrincipleWhen the user sends an intent, the component is required to perform the operation. If this intent has clearly set the componentname, the intent will be

) When Will Android. Intent. Category. Default and launcher be added?

1. To solve this problem, you must first understand what is implicit (hidden) intent and what is explicit (explicit) intent. Explicit intent explicitly specifies the acitivity to be startedFor example, the following JavaCode:Intent intent = new

Android simulator startup failure solution (error: the user data image is used by another emulator. Aborting)

Today, I suddenly found that the android simulator failed to start. The log displays the following error message: Error: the user data image is used by another emulator. Aborting Cause: the locking mechanism of AVD is used. . Lock is a lock,

How to solve: Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on in Android

Problem Overview: The following error is prompted after an app is imported: "Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on 10/09/18" Cause analysis: Android requires allProgramA signature is required. Otherwise, the program will

Affinities and tasks in Android)

This article introduces affinities and tasks in Android by referring to the official Dev guide document ). Activity and task A task is like a stack that can contain many activities. By default, when an activity starts another activity, the two

) Android 9 patch Image

1. Features of the image in this format 2. Production Method Features of a .9.png File Compared with a traditional PNG image, a 9.png image consists of an edge of one pixel around the image. This edge is used to define the expandable exhibition area

) Android Application Package Signature

First, we need a keystore. If you already have one, you don't need this step:CMD:Go to the bin directory of JDK. In this way, the android. keystore file will be generated under this directory. We need this file when signing.C: \ Program Files \ Java

) Tasks and activity stacks in Android

As mentioned above, one activity can start another, including those defined in different applications. Suppose, for example, you want the user to display the street map of some places. There is already an activity that can do this, so all you need

) Android operation sdcard multimedia files (2) -- updating the music list

In the previous article, I introduced how to query the multimedia files in the sdcard in the program and display them in the playlist. However, if you delete or add some multimedia files in the sdcard, how can I update the playlist? Here I will

) How to perform android unit testing

How to perform android unit testing Add the following to menifest. xml:Add:Join outside:Android: Label = "test for my app"/> Write unit test code: it must inherit from androidtestcase classPackage name. feisky. Android. test;Import Android. Test.

) Android: Custom tab Style

1. create four tab styles for 9patch. For details, refer to the default Android resource. Tab_unselected.9.png tab_selected.9.png tab_press.9.png tab_focus.9.png These four resources represent the four statuses of the tab. 2. Define the selector

) Android manifest. xml file field Parsing

Android: allowtaskreparenting Whether to allow the activity to change the subordinate task, such as switching from a short message task to a browser task. Android: alwaysretaintaskstateWhether to keep the status unchanged, such as switching back to

Relativelayout of Android layout (relative layout)

The relative layout has many attributes, so it is a little effort to use it, but it is more flexible than other layout methods, so it is very useful to master the relative layout. Let's take a look at an example:1 2 3 Android: layout_width =

Android FAQ: JNI reading assets resource files (with source code)

(To) http://blog.csdn.net/fontlose/article/details/6686161 Files under the Assets Directory will be packaged into an APK file. These resources are not extracted during installation and are directly read from the APK during use. This section

Android voiceprint recognition program

Recently, I developed a voiceprint recognition application on the Android platform with my friends. It took several months to complete the application in the early stage. The name is defined as "superlock. You can download it at

) Detailed usage of Android logcat

Document directory Filter log output Control log output format View available log Buffers View stdout and stderr The android logging system allows you to record and view system debugging information. Logs are recorded from various software

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