Android app signature elevation

Recently, I encountered the problem of restarting the Android system during development. After a day of tossing and surfing the Internet, I finally solved the problem. Here the problem is mainly about permissions. Share as follows: Environment:

Android mobile anti-theft tool droidguard

A little tool was developed with gildor and fpy a while ago. The project name is droidguard. as its name implies, it protects mobile phones, but it is not a flow of firewall attacks. According to our survey, the proportion of mobile phone loss

Similarities and differences between Android and Apple push

Similarities: Implementation ideas. Your Server communicates with Apple (apns) or Google push server. The push server sends push information to the corresponding terminal device based on the corresponding conditions (for example, the current

Linearlayout Android: layout_weight

An incorrect understanding The Android: layout_weight of each view (such as button) is shown in the parent view as a proportional relationship. 2. self-understanding Weight is the identifier of importance. The greater the value, the more

Android unit test and log output

  Androidtestcase If you want to perform unit tests on the operations that require resource access or other operations dependent on the activity context, you need to expandAndroidtestcase interface (Extend this if you need to access resources or

Native programming with Android building system

In the previous post, native programming on Android, I showed how to use code sourcery toolchain To Do native programming on Android. but in that way, we must link C library statically into our application, which is not desirable. so, in this post,

Apsaravideo player for Android

Project Description: Music player is a music player that integrates local music and online music. It not only has a beautiful interface, but also is more user-friendly. It can completely replace the player that comes with Android.   Feature

Call Web Services in Android

There are many methods to call Web Services in Android. We now use kSOAP, which is the client package of soap Web services. The current version of kSOAP is 2. 0. one of its major advantages is its good compatibility with DOTNET. First download the

Use of anonymous and anonymous internal classes in Android

InAndroidAnonymous classes (and anonymous internal classes) are often used during development. What are the differences between anonymous classes and general classes, The functions are the same, but the use of anonymous is more concise and

My Android platform "Everyone album" client

Preface Sharing an Android app has been completed in two months. It is a bit snail ded and there is still a gap with the expected results. This is now the case. Recalling the entire process is really hard to express, and we have encountered various

An error occurred while enabling the Android Application automatically.

In fact, this problem is not a problem. It will only happen when you start to have some contact with intent-filter. I generally know that I will not commit another crime. Back to the truth: Symptoms Console red warning: No launcher activity

Android + webserver GPS monitoring system (concept)

Suddenly there was an idea that built a system. It can be used to monitor the current location of people with mobile devices (devices with GPS functions. It's a bit similar to the escape location where the movie monitors "the right guys. In The

Meego: Next android?

At last week's Mobile World Congress (MWC), Microsoft released the new smartphone operating system Windows Phone 7. Almost at the same time, Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, and Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip

Android basic alertdialog

In Android, creating a dialog box is relatively simple. New alertdialog. Builder is used to set its information, such as the displayed content, title, whether the dialog box can be canceled by the Return key, OK, and cancel buttons. ,        new

Android calls and sends text messages

By calling the phone and SMS functions provided by the Android system, you can send and call messages simply. However, you must configure the relevant permissions in androidmanifest. XML to locate 1 2 3 /application> On the external layer of the tag,

"Onsite protection" for Android apps"

When learning the operating system, we know that there is an interrupt mechanism when the cup processes transactions to facilitate transaction switching and the process of Interrupt Processing: 1) Wake up the blocked Driver (Program) process; 2)

Explanation of new features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Explanation of new features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean The press conference is over. The new Android version 4.1, codenamed Jelly Bean (jelly bean), has been officially launched. In addition to the new architecture, new notification bar, and search

Android adds data for the spinner

In Android, the spinner is the drop-down box. When you click it, the selection list is displayed, from which you can select data. The data in the spinner must come from the adapter. Therefore, when adding data to it, you must first define the

[Blog client] Android client update: offline download, local favorites, RSS reading

If you do not know about this application, read the previous article "official release of the android client in the blog Garden". It has been more than three months since the last application was released, and it was suddenly found that time has

Android Development Series (III)

This is a more Android development document. My first Android Development Project is to display a simple hello World on the screen. First, we will introduce several concepts: AVD. AVD is called Android. Virtual device is a virtual device running on

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