Causes and solutions for Android force close

There are many causes for force close. Common causes include null pointers, class not found, and resource not found, even the order of Android API usage may be incorrect (for example, the findviewbyid () operation was performed before setcontentview)

Build an android Environment

Today, I read about Android programming and thought it was very troublesome. But after a careful look, it was all about Java. After so many years of development, it was just a piece of cake for me, it is extremely simple. Next we will build the

Enterprise-level Android Reading Notes (III)

Data Storage types in Android include memory, common files, shared preferences, XML, and sqllite. File Operations: Including read/write /*** [File operation] */package iwit. iwittest; import Java. io. fileinputstream; import Java. io.

Android source code downloads

Developers who want to compile all android source code in windows must have encountered some problems, not using git, however, it seems that there is no better way to download over 150 projects. In Linux, Repo can be used, however, in windows, there

Do you still have android with phonegap?

ArticleDirectory 2.1.1 select Platform 2.1.2 environment requirements and Installation 2.1.3 setup Project Chapter 1 Introduction to phonegap 1.1 What is phonegap Phonegap is a free and open source development tool and framework

Android dialog box pop-up animation

Button. setonclicklistener ( New Onclicklistener () {@ override Public Void Onclick (view arg0 ){ // Todo auto-generated method stub Alertdialog dialog = New Alertdialog. Builder (testandroid1activity. This ). Settitle ( "Title"). setmessage

Summary of problems related to multithreading in Android

Today I found a strange bug. I opened a logic thread myself. Then Android comes with n threads that everyone knows. In The onclick event responseCodeThe block is executed by a thread in the Android system. So I searched for half a day and found

About Android double-click events

Hello everyone, I believe everyone knows that there is a method in the API for the android double-click event, but it must be available in the activity. You may have different opinions on using the double-click event API without using Android.

Download Android source code on the latest Windows platform (to + original)

The first thing to switch is to download the location and Method Portal Then about the recent open the problem I found that many people say it

Some Opinions on choosing mobile development platforms (Android, IOS, WP7)

First, the statement only represents my opinion. Please do not read this with emotionArticle. First, I will reference my friend's analysis: If there is another company with a new platform emerging from next month, even if it is completely

About Android multi-touch

Recently, a multi-touch scaling function is required. Then I checked the information online and summarized it as follows: First, the android SDK version is very important. For example, if you specify Android: minsdkversion = "4" in androidmanifest.

Android issue history

1. Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on SolutionIn the eclipse menu window-> preferences-> Android-> build, findDefault debug keystoreThe displayed path is debug. the keystore file (expired) has expired. Therefore, you only

Problems with Android code generation Layout

Some old layout codes are written in XML, which are developed with the depth of layout and some dynamic characteristics. Writing layout with code is also a necessary method. For example, you can set a number in the configuration file to

Android image rotation

  Android image rotation is an old topic, but you need to think about how to solve it easily and quickly without any bugs. First, let's review the APIS provided by Android image rotation. 1. Matrix 2. Animation To put it bluntly, the core of

Android video playback

Today, the content is to add a video to the game for playing the opening company logo. Requirements: 1. Do not display the player-type "start", "pause", "Fast forward", and "Quick Return" buttons. 2. After playing the video, the event listener must

Positioning on Android

Recently, I am working on positioning related things to sort out and share my knowledge. 1. Positioning includes three types: Network, base station, and GPS 2. Either way, the core of positioning is to obtain the longitude and latitude. You know

Enterprise-level Android Reading Notes (2)

Four components of Android Android administrator: Activity The activity manages and schedules the operations you want to perform on the screen. All user operation classes must inherit from the activity For example @ Override Public Boolean onkeydown

Android development list Interface

On the android development list page, a question is displayed on the top, an icon is displayed on the bottom, and a list is displayed in the middle. Let's take a look at the effect. When you click on the top of the page, the background image is

Android Development Environment configuration (offline) myeclipse bling Edition 10 ADT/SDK

1. Install JDK JDK download: Or: JDK Install JDK and configure system environment variables. Computer> Properties>

Android API Face Detect)

Abstract:Using two major APIs, Android provides a method to perform Face Detection directly on the in-place graph. These two APIs are android. media. facedetector and Android. media. facedetector. face, which is already included in the official

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