Android user interface-widget-map view mapview

1. display the local location on Google Maps. 1. First, add the permission to the androidmanifest. xml file: Add uses-Library outside activity in Application     2. Change extends activity to extends mapactivity in the class. 3.

Android user interface-widget-gallery view Gallery

The gallery control of Android is a Good Graph Display Control, which greatly reduces developers' development of the Image view function and provides a more elegant effect.   /Chapter04_ui_gallery01/src/COM/Amaker/test/mainactivity. Java Code

Build the android Development Environment

Demonstrate how to build the android development environment without configuring Environment Variables Related downloads (1) download Java JDK: Go to the page: (or click to download)Select

Android user interface-widget-grid view gridview

The content of the gridview is displayed by row or column. It is generally suitable for displaying icons. Image and other content, mainly used to set the adapter. Use the baseadapter class of the basic class to override the getview () method to

Android user interface-Event Processing

Handle UI eventsThere are multiple ways to get users and applications on Android Program When considering the events in the UI, we can capture the events generated by a specific view object that interacts with the user.In the view object you used to

Android component communication intent-componnentname attribute

Componnentname attribute application instance /Chapter06_intent_componentname/src/COM/Amaker/ch06/APP/mainactivity. Java Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Package Com.

Five basic components of Android applications

1. Activity-application presentation layer (basic activity) An activity represents a visual user interface and focuses on a user's events. For example, an activity may represent a list of menu items that a user can select, or a picture along with

Data access in Android-Method 2: File)

In Android, these files are stored in/Data/Package_name/FilesDirectory. Data Reading Public static string read (context, string file) {string data = ""; try {fileinputstream stream = context. openfileinput (File); stringbuffer sb = new

Android user interface-message toast

InProgramThe steps for creating a toast are as follows: 1. Call the static method maketext () of toast to add real text and time length. 2. Call toast's show () display.   Example: /Chapter04_ui_toast/src/COM/Amaker/test/mainactivity. Java

Android component communication-Intent

1. Overview One applicationProgramThree core components --Activities,Services,Broadcast ReceiversAll are activated through messages called intents. Intent messages are a mechanism for delayed runtime binding between components in the same or

Android component communication intent-category attributes

ProgramFile /Chapter06_intent_category/src/COM/Amaker/test/mainactivity. Java Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Package com. Amaker. test;Import Android. App.

Android user interface-widget-progress bar

The progress bar of Android includes the dialog box progress bar, title progress bar, and horizontal progress bar. 1. Dialog progress bar Procedure 1. overwrite the oncreatedialog () method of the activity and create a dialog box in it. 2.

Android Architecture Overview

  I. ApplicationProgram Android is released together with a series of core application packages, including email clients, SMS Short Message programs, calendars, maps, browsers, and contact management programs. All applications are written in Java.

Android user interface-Dialog Box

Create dialog box creating dialogs A dialog box is usually a small window before the current activity. The following activities lose focus and the dialog box accepts all user interactions. A dialog box is usually used as a notification or running

Android user interface-widget-tab Tab

To use a tab:1. Use framelayout in the layout file to list the tab component and the content component in the tab. 2. The activity must inherit tabactivity. 3. Call the gettabhost () method of tabactivity to obtain the tabhost object. 4. Use

Android user interface-widget-network view webview

A simple example of webview. Pay attention to the following points during development:1. androidmanifest. xml must use the permission "android. Permission. Internet". Otherwise, the web page not available error may occur.2. If the accessed page

Android user interface-Layout

Application of various la s in Android and implementation of menu Effects Applications with various layout modes: framelayout, linearlayout, tablelayout, absolutelayout, and relativelayout Configure the context menu for the specified

Camera, a multimedia application in Android

Mainactivity. Java   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Package Com. Amaker.; Import Java. Io. file; Import Java. Io. fileoutputstream; Import Java. Io.

Graphic Images in Android-accessing image drawable

I. How to obtain resources in resPackage: Android. content. ResMain Category: ResourcesIts main interfaces are divided into the following parts by function: Getxxxx () For example: Int getcolor (int id) Drawable getdrawable (int id) String

Data access in Android-Method 1: preference (configuration)

This method should be the simplest method for Android to read and write external data. Its usage is basically the same as j2se (Java. util. prefs. preferences) in the same usage, in a simple and transparent way to save some user personalized

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