Solution to this template depends on Android support library error after adt20 is updated

Solution to this template depends on Android support library error after adt20 is updated   I don't know what the problem is. After adt20 is updated recently, I cannot click Finish when creating the project.   The solution is as follows: 1. Go

Wang Jialin Android HTML5 cloud computing hadoop practice-completely proficient in Android Application Development Courses

Wang Jia Lin: committed to hardware and software cloud integration, familiar with Android, HTML5, hadoop Tel: 18610086859 Email:     Jia Lin's words: This course has been developed based on years of

Detailed description of Android uses-Permission Configuration

Access_checkin_properties allows you to read and write the Attribute Table and upload the changed value when logging on to the database.Access_coarse_location allows application access range (such as WiFi) LocationAccess_fine_location allows

Android learning-(2) Build a Mobile Video Monitoring System for Android

In the previous blog post, we will continue to improve this example. We have added two new activities to display the treeactivity of the device and video channel, and browsed the imageactivity of the real-time image of a channel. treeactivity uses a

Android learning-(1) Getting Started example

AsProgramThe employee simply said that he did not practice it by himself, but that would not work, even if it looked very easy and very simple, haha! In the past three days, I took a noon break to read Android-related blog posts/books and spent the

Android learning materials Summary

Basics 01. Establishment of Android Development Environment Build android2.2 development environment in Windows () Ke Wei, My HTC hero (G3) User Experience My HTC hero (G3) user experience continued SeriesArticle Venus temple Study on

IPC for Android basic

1. There are two ways for Android Process Communication: intent and process service. (1) steps for implementing remote services: 1) Use the aidl language to define cross-process service interfaces 2) Implement the methods and attributes defined

Android message mechanism (2)

1. The message queue of Android is like a tunnel. The message is like a vehicle. It is first-in-first-out. 2. The message sending thread does not block the thread, while the message receiving thread blocks the thread. This is the handler mechanism

Android message mechanism

Android message mechanism (I) I. Role description 1. loue: A thread can generate a loue object to manage the message queue in this thread ). 2. Handler: You can construct a handler object to communicate with logoff, so as to push new messages

Android launcher analysis and Modification 1 -- default Interface Configuration of launcher (default_workspace)

I have been modifying launcher recently, so I plan to record the process of analyzing and modifying the source code. Recently I will write some blog posts about launcher analysis and modification. Because I modified the launcher of 4.0.3ArticleThe

Android event trigger mechanism

First, this articleArticleIt is only applicable to events triggered by touch. Android events: onclick, onscroll, onfling, and so on are composed of many touch events. The first status of touch must be action_down, indicating that the screen is

Android launcher analysis and modification 2-Icon modification, interface layout adjustment, and wallpaper settings

PreviousArticleExplains how to modify the default interface settings for Android built-in launcher2 ( ). Today, I am mainly talking about the settings of icons, la S, wallpapers, and so on in launcher.

Android PM command and how to install and uninstall the installation package on the terminal

The PM command is used as follows: The PM command is the packagemanage command line in Android for installation package operations. Generally, run the following command to install a new installation package. 1. Install APK. For example, enter:

Shortcut Key for Android emulator

Home Key (small house key) The Home Key is mapped on the keyboard, which is quite memorable. Menu key The button used to open the menu. The F2 key is mapped to the keyboard, and the pgup key is also supported. In addition, it seems that this

Android local language and multi-country language support

Android has attributes related to multi-language support. Use the following Code Print system-related property values. For specific attributes, see the document. Package COM. example; import android. app. activity; import android. content. res.

Faplayer compilation for Android video players

Some time ago, I was working on a music and video player for Android. The music player has many good open-source projects, and most of them are quite practical. (I will write a special article about the music player when I have time.Article).

Android am command

In Android, you can use the am command to start a specified activity. During work, screen coordinate calibration is required for newly developed machines. Since the machine has not been properly debugged, it does not appear in every coordinate

Android layout attributes

For Android, layout-related layout attributes are described as follows: Class 1: the property value is true or false. Android: layout_centerhrizontal horizontal center Android: layout_centervertical vertical center Android:

Call mechanisms of Android ontouchevent, onclick, and onlongclick

Original article: Trigger mechanisms of touchevent, onclick, and onlongclickArticleTo have a good understanding of the interface exchange. For a view control on the screen, how does Android

Water Wave effects on Android 2-Optimization

AndroidAchieving special effects on water waves-Optimization Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement In the previous articleArticleWater Wave

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