About how to reuse a simple control flow facility for Android activities-submitted by Fabrizio G on the android Interface Component

In bluebill mobile for Android (BTW, I have published the first version to the Android Market) I 've had to face with an internal reuse problem. consider the following diwing, which depicts a couple of possible "screen" flows that the user may

HP touchpad with Android

Recently, I buy a tablet called HP touchpad, it has excellent hardware: 1.2 GHz CPU, 1g RAM, 9.7 inch screen. the built-in operating system for touchpad is HP WebOS. in point of UI view, WebOS is beautiful and apple-like. but there is main weakness

Beginning Android debug

For debugging my cellphone (Motorola defy me525) problem, I want to debug my cellphone using Android toolbox.   1, preparations Before starting to debug our Android-enabled cellphone, you need download USB driver for a specific brand and model.

Continue to toss Android, touchpad, defy

1. Android is based on Linux Android is basically a Linux embedded system, so the knowledge on Linux can basically be moved to the Android system for use. Strictly speaking, there is no Android system, and Android is a framework similar to Linux.

Android Unicom GPRS settings

The uninet and cmnet are indeed the same. They use the direct connection mode of the internet, and do not need to set proxy or proxy. In my G1, add the APN, just fill in the name, and then fill in the uninet In the APN. Only, and must be set so that

Common Use of Android simulators and basic functions

1. Create an SD card image file 1) Create an SD card image fileMksdcard 1024 m e: \ mysoft \ Android \ SD \ sdcard. img Run the command ADB shell and enter ls to view the file list. This command will be explained in the following sections.2)

Intent in Android

An android application consists of four components. For details about these four components, see "Composition of Android Applications ". These four components are independent and can be called and coordinated to form a real Android Application.

Android activity usage

In Android development, activity is very important. In an application, every screen displayed is an activity. therefore, to learn Android, you must have a certain understanding of the activity. there are also some introductions about activity in

Android user interface-Event Processing

Handle UI eventsThere are multiple ways to get users and applications on Android Program When considering the events in the UI, we can capture the events generated by a specific view object that interacts with the user.In the view object you used to

Android user interface-message toast

InProgramThe steps for creating a toast are as follows: 1. Call the static method maketext () of toast to add real text and time length. 2. Call toast's show () display.   Example: /Chapter04_ui_toast/src/COM/Amaker/test/mainactivity. Java

Android learning journey _ 01

I am willing to share my self-taught Android experience with you! Author: I love aoman1. Build an android EnvironmentCurrently, Android is basically developed based on the Java environment. Therefore, to facilitate development, we must first build a

Android user interface-Dialog Box

Create dialog box creating dialogs A dialog box is usually a small window before the current activity. The following activities lose focus and the dialog box accepts all user interactions. A dialog box is usually used as a notification or running

Android user interface-widget-tab Tab

To use a tab:1. Use framelayout in the layout file to list the tab component and the content component in the tab. 2. The activity must inherit tabactivity. 3. Call the gettabhost () method of tabactivity to obtain the tabhost object. 4. Use

Creating Android projects and compiling with Cocos2d-x Learning

After the installation, the corresponding environment, we can start to create a cocos2d-x Android Project Go to the cocs2d-x directory and open the create-android-project.bat in a text editor (if you double-click on Windows 7, some files may be

Android user interface-Layout

Application of various la s in Android and implementation of menu Effects Applications with various layout modes: framelayout, linearlayout, tablelayout, absolutelayout, and relativelayout Configure the context menu for the specified

Android System Architecture Analysis)

2.3 Android System Architecture AnalysisThe word "profiling" seems a bit harsh. The meaning of "Anatomy analysis" refers to an in-depth analysis of a person or thing, let others understand this person or the ins and outs of things. The road to

Camera, a multimedia application in Android

Mainactivity. Java   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Package Com. Amaker. ch11.app; Import Java. Io. file; Import Java. Io. fileoutputstream; Import Java. Io.

Use useragent to determine smart phones (devices, Android, and iOS)

Recently, I have been upgrading my company's mobile phone site and made a touch-screen version dedicated. after doing so, I tried to use the agent to determine the corresponding smartphone device and then jumped to the new mobile phone site. After

Graphic Images in Android-accessing image drawable

I. How to obtain resources in resPackage: Android. content. ResMain Category: ResourcesIts main interfaces are divided into the following parts by function: Getxxxx () For example: Int getcolor (int id) Drawable getdrawable (int id) String

‍Android size and resolution

In order to simplify the design and be compatible with more mobile phone screens, the android system distinguishes the screens according to their sizes and resolutions: Three dimensions: large, medium, and small.Three types of density: high (hdpi),

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