Android activity details (1)

What is activity? Activity is an application.ProgramProvides an interface for communicating with users. Each activity can display its own user interface through layout. An application usually contains many activities, one of which is called the main

Build an android Development Environment on Windows

Transfer I.Download and install Android SDK 2.3 The android SDK released by Google is constantly updated. Here I will demonstrate it with Android SDK 2.3. 1,First, download

Base of Android program development-page value passing

Activity jump and value passing mainly connects multiple activities through the intent class and transmits data through the bundle class. ExampleCodeAs follows:   1.1 UseIntent. putextra () Method assignment 1 Public Class Menu Extends

Environment configuration for Android development and debugging tool ADB using Android Program Development

ADB (Android debug Bridge) is a tool in the android SDK. You can use ADB to directly manage Android simulators or real Android devices.ADB provides the following functions: 1. Run shell (command line) on Android devices)2. Manage port ing of

Android system permission Configuration

Android system permissions are not controlled by users, but are controlled by developers based on development needs. Permission control is mainly placed in androidmanifest. XML files. Write the following permission control attributes into the

Development basics of Android apps-page layout

1. Gravity Gravity is the center of gravity, which indicates the position of the stop. Android: gravity refers to the element itself. The text of the element itself is displayed on the left side by changing the attribute settings.Android: layout_

Environment configuration for Android Program Development

1. Download Android SDK 1) download Java JDK: Web: Select Download JDK to download only JDK   2) download eclipse URL:Http:// Select the

Android and QT-extended

AllArticleAll rights reserved by the site and original author are permitted to be reproduced only when the copyright information, original text links, and original text authors are retained. Do not delete or modify the original content for

A collection of basic Android skills...

Create "ringtones" "alarms" "notifications" and other folders in sdcard, and then store the ringtone files (Ogg, MP3, WAV, mid, and so on, the system selects the ringtone option to add these music files.There are many ways to set ringtones for

[Excerpt] Two Methods for installing APK silently in Android

I am very busy during this time. I am too busy to post a post. I will try again today .... Silent Installation on Android seems to be a very attractive feature. Many people have asked this question. Today I will share two methods for

[Excerpt] How do you change the drawing order of views in Android?

Recently I was working on a widget that extends Android's gallery class, which is typically used to show a horizontal list of images that the user can scroll through. I wanted to customize the gallery to actually give a stacking effect to the images,

[Excerpt] Using arm-eabi-addr2line, ndk-stack tool to track Android call stack

Tracing Android call stacks using arm-eabi-addr2line tools Author: liangshengyang Transferred from: Http:// In normal C/C ++CodeIn, you can respond to the segmentation fault error caused by improper

[Excerpt] Android gesture Detector

Thanks to the many pioneers of Android Chinese developers, the main content of this article comes from the summary, a small part of which is my own experience. ReferencesArticleIs:  

[Excerpt] debugging configuration for Android mobile phones in Linux

[Excerpted from] In Linux, when debugging Android phones on a real machine, you often encounter insufficient permissions for device errors. In addition, ADB devices may be garbled and

[Excerpt] Android screen element hierarchy

Android screen element hierarchy Android. App. ActivityFor an Android app, an android. App. Activity instance is the most basic function unit. An activity instance can do a lot of things, but it cannot be displayed on the screen. Instead,

[Excerpt] re-compile the resource file in Android

Http://   During development, especially for framework-related development, you may need to re-compile the resource file. The compilation sequence and precautions are as follows: 1. Resource file

[Excerpt] APK compilation example for Android. mk

Only Android. mk is used to compile the APK. Program . For more information about Android. mk, see 《 Android. mk " I, Compile Simple APK Local_path: = $ (call my-DIR) include $ (clear_vars) # build all java files in the Java subdirectory local_src_

[Excerpt] Android. mk adds a third-party jar or so Library to the apk.

I,CompileSimple APKLOCAL_PATH: = $ (call my-dir) include $ (CLEAR_VARS) # Build all java files in the java subdirectory LOCAL_SRC_FILES :=$ (call all-subdir-java-files) # Name of the APK to build LOCAL_PACKAGE_NAME: = LocalPackage # Tell it to build

How to enable a Service to start automatically on android

Reprint Source: Tid = 421 & extra = page % 3D11. After the instance is started, the system sends a Standard Broadcast Action named android. intent. action. BOOT_COMPLETED, which is sent only once. 2.

Getting started with Android Simulators

To play the GPhone simulator, you must first download the Android SDK from google. After decompression, there is a tool folder under the root directory of the SDK, which contains the simulator and some useful tools. Double-click emulator.exe and

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