Android compilation requires jdk1.5 installation Solution

Http:// JDK 1.6 is required for compiling android2.2, but if you have installed a later version of JDK, it is not as good as, how can you switch and install it, the following are the solutions to this problem:A.

Android, local_prelink_module

From is for providing addresses so that the loading of all the registered libraries can be done faster.If you want you can add address for your

Android memory cleanup

In the past two days, a small memory cleanup plug-in has been established. This information is rarely found on the Internet. I have previously found an example of how to clean up the cache and the result is unsuccessful. Later, I thought about how

Android-floating search box (searchmanager)

The use of the floating search box is not difficult, but because its configuration is very cumbersome. It is mainly used to facilitate developers to better design the UI when there is a search service in the program. Follow these steps to use

Android learning-one-click app exit using Singleton Mode

Http:// P = 72 We all know that the finish method of the activity can only exit the current activity. But what if we want to exit all created activities with one click? We designed a class to manage the activity of

Call a binary executable program (native executable) in Android)

A few days ago, when I needed to call the binary program in Java code, I found some information on the Internet and wrote something to record. Android is also based on LinuxOf course, you can also run binary executable files. Only androidOnly APK

Android CTS one function

Android. Media. CTS. mediaplayertest-- Testplaymp3streamnolength fail JUnit. Framework. assertionfailederror at Android. Media. CTS. mediaplayertest. streamtest (mediaplayertest. Java: 482)-- Testplayoggstream fail java. Io. ioexception:

Use the property system on the Android platform)

When using the property system of Android, I encountered some problems. Combined with this experience, I will give a brief introduction to the use of the property system. 1. Introduction to the Property System Attribute system is an important

Video Recording and playback angles in Android ICs

Mpeg4writer. cpp Void mpeg4writer: writecompositionmatrix (INT degrees) Mpeg4extractor. cppStatus_t mpeg4extractor: parsetrackheader (off64_t data_offset, off64_t data_size) { ...... Uint32_t rotationdegrees; Static const int32_t kfixedone = 0x10000

Android isurface postbuffer processing process

1. Create of isurface For details about create and surfaceflinger of surface, refer to this article: Http:// Android started a lot early, and now I can only step by step follow the footsteps of

Android overlay Learning

The previous article only learned about the overlay Hal architecture. Next we will continue to look at how the system layer calls the overlay module. 1. Test code Frameworks/base/libs/surfaceflinger/tests/overlays. CPP provides a simple overlay call

Portrait display before Android 1.5

The screen is landscape. You need to display it as portrait by default. 1. Rotate the framebuffer in the kernel.Add fbcon = rotate: 1 to the startup parameters (0: normal screen; 1: instant clock to 90 degrees; 2: instant clock to 180 degrees; 3:

Set the step time for fast forward and fast return in the standard Android Video Player

File: Frameworks/base/CORE/Java/Android/widget/mediacontroller. Java   Private view. onclicklistener mrewlistener = new view. onclicklistener () { Public void onclick (view v) { int Pos = mplayer. getcurrentposition (); pos-= 5000; // milliseconds

Log targeting in Android

Http:// For debugging, you must understand how to print logs, so the following analysis is available. We usually insert statements such as logd (..) and loge (..) in the program. But under what

Rotate the screen with buttons in Android

Http:// The Home key on Android is directly processed by the system and has the following functions: 1: Go to the home page. If the home process is dead, restart the home process.2: press for 5 seconds.

Mediaplayer architecture of Android

This article mainly introduces the architecture of mediaplayer, which is very important and most complex in Android. For a complete and relatively complex system such as Android, the implementation of a mediaplayer function is not specific to its

Call process of mediaplay and opencore in Android Multimedia Framework

This article analyzes how mediaplay calls opencore In the android multimedia framework from the perspective of code. SummaryFor the android Multimedia Framework, Google has implemented stagefright in Android 2.2, but opencore is retained;In the new

Likely and unlikely Macros in Android local code

When reading C ++ code in Android frameworks, we often encounter the use of likely and unlikely Macros in the condition judgment statement. The definitions of these two macros are as follows: # Define likely (exp) (_ builtin_exact CT (exp )! = 0,

Music Resource Management and playback on the Android platform

The Android platform is based on the Linux and Open Mobile Alliance (Oha) systems. After innovative R & D by China Mobile, it has designed a novel and unique user operation interface, enhancing browser capabilities and WAP compatibility, optimized

Data transfer between two activities in Android

1. Passed through intent: Set in activity1: A. Character transfer: Java code String text = "hello "; Intent intent1 = new intent (activitymain. This, activity2.class );Intent1.putextra ("activity1", text ); Startactivity (intent1 ); B. Upload

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